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International Cooperation in Statistics

  The Statistics Bureau of Japan (SBJ) promotes the exchange of international information on statistics by hosting and participating in international statistical conferences, international symposiums and expert meetings.
  The SBJ conducts various international cooperation activities, such as sending statistical experts to other countries and inviting trainees in the response to requests from foreign countries and international organizations. The SBJ also has been regularly exchanging statistical missions with China and Korea. The SBJ contributes to promote technical cooperation through these activities.

Participation in International Statistical Activities

1  Hosting international statistical conferences

  The SBJ occasionally hosts international statistical conferences. Since 1980, the SBJ has hosted the East Asian Statistical Conference (EASC), mostly in Japan, at intervals of two or three years.
  Also the SBJ promotes exchanging of information and views from an international perspective by hosting international symposiums and expert meetings.

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The 13th EASC
5-7 November 2012, Tokyo

2  Participation in international statistical conferences

  The SBJ dispatches experts to the Japanese delegation to participate in the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC), which is held every year.
  The SBJ also dispatches experts to international conferences and seminars, etc. which are organized by the United Nations (UN), the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The 45th UNSC
4-7 March 2014, USA, New York

3  Participation in other International Statistical Activities

  The SBJ is participating in various international statistical projects such as International Comparison Program (ICP) and the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS), which are operated in accordance with respective international standards and guidelines.

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International Cooperation, International Exchange

1  Technical cooperation programs

  The SBJ sends statistical experts to other countries for extended periods on a request basis for technical cooperation, for example, for a country's Population Census. The SBJ also invites trainees in response to requests from foreign countries and gives lectures for them.
  The SBJ dispatches lecturers to the United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP), and they give lectures on the methodologies of surveys and analyzing survey results and so on.

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A lecture by a staff member of SBJ in Cambodia

2  Bilateral cooperation

  The SBJ has been promoting exchanges of statistical missions with China and Korea almost every year. It has been regularly exchanging missions with China since 1980 and with Korea since 1982.
  The SBJ strengthened cooperative relationship by signing the Memorandum of Cooperation with the General Statistics Office (GSO) of Vietnam in January 2014, and with the National Statistics Office (NSO) of Mongolia in February 2017.

The 30th Chinese Statistical Mission to Japan
October 2016

The 27th Japanese Statistical Mission to Korea
February 2017

The 3rd Vietnam Statistical Delegation to Japan
October 2017

Signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the SBJ and the NSO of Mongolia
February 2017

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3  Receiving visitors from abroad

  The SBJ welcomes overseas statistical missions visiting Japan for specific purposes, and provides them with information and data as requested.

A lecture for the trainees of SIAP
October 7, 2015

The Mongolia Statistical Mission to Japan
December 15 and 17, 2015

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