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13th East Asian Statistical Conference - Call for Papers


i) Economic statistics including the Economic Census and Business Register
ii) Lessons learned from the 2010 Round Population and Housing Census Program
iii) Challenges facing each National Statistical Office

Regarding topic i), we plan to hold two sessions to discuss issues related to economic statistics such as lessons learned from the Economic Census, future plans of the Economic Census, utilization of the business register and applicability of the business register.
Regarding topic ii), we plan to hold one session to exchange views on the implementation of the Population and Housing Census.
Regarding topic iii), we plan to hold five sessions. We will share information on challenges and issues which each National Statistical Office faces, and expect to hold a broad exchange of opinions in regard to responses to them.

Call for Papers

Each participating country is expected to submit paper(s) in at least one session for the Conference. If you wish to change the topic which we proposed you, it would be appreciated if you could inform us of the topics on which you would like to submit papers on the registration form by 22 June 2012.


To facilitate discussions at the Conference, it would be appreciated if you could submit 150-250 word abstracts of your papers with titles by 20 July 2012. To submit your abstracts, please e-mail the files to:

Paper Submission

Papers should preferably be written in MS-Word. If you use other software, please convert your papers to PDF files before submitting them. We expect papers to be submitted to by 5 October 2012.

This is a sample format of the paper for your reference.   PDF Download (PDF:43KB)


The time allocation for presenting a paper at the Conference is about 20 minutes, including 5 minutes question and answer. As a PC with MS-PowerPoint 2007 will be available at the Conference, please e-mail your PowerPoint files to, if any, by 22 October 2012 to ensure proper running of your presentation.



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