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Population Census

6. Family structure of households

Decrease in households comprising husbands and wives with children.

- Accounting for 58.4% of all households, since 1995, the number of nuclear families has increased by 6.1% to 27,332,035. Of these, there are 8,835,119 (18.9% of all households).There are 14,919,185 households comprising husbands and wives with children (31.9% of all households). Since 1995, households consisting solely of husband and wife have increased by 16.0% and household of husbands and wives with children have decreased by 0.8%. Moreover, there are 12,911,318 households of persons living alone (27.6% of all households), an increase of 14.9% since 1995.

- The highest proportion of nuclear families is 65.5% in Saitama Prefecture, followed by 64.9% in Nara Prefecture, and 64.5% in Okinawa Prefecture. By contrast, the lowest proportion is 45.8% in Yamagata Prefecture, followed by 50.5% in Akita Prefecture and 50.7% in Fukui Prefecture.

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