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Statistical Research and Training Institute

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19-1 Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 162-8668 Japan


Training Course for Beginners Being Opened on YouTube!

    The Statistical Research and Training Institute has started providing the on-line training course titled "Statistics for Beginners -Online Course for Government Officials-" to the world on YouTube.
    For contributing to the dissemination and improvement of statistical literacy on a worldwide scale, we produced the English versions of lecture slides and subtitles of the course which we already developed and released for domestic use in 2016.
    The course gives basic statistical knowledge focusing on how to read and use data and going back to how to collect them.
    Each chapter is composed of approximately five lecture videos. By following five chapters, you will get basic knowledge on statistics. One lecture is short and about ten minutes so that it is easy to be taken.

   The course is available by clicking the title below.

Statistics for Beginners
Statistics for Beginners(YouTube)YouTube:external site

    The Statistical Research and Training Institute aims to promote the development and the dissemination of statistical knowledge, and to contribute to the development of statistical systems in Japan and globally. The Institute has four main functions: 1) statistical research, 2) statistical training.

    The Institute provides statistical training courses in Japanese language only for civil servants of national and local governments within the country. Non-Japanese or those not in the Japanese civil service system, therefore, cannot apply for the training courses described here.

1. Brief history
2. Statistical training
3. Statistical research activities     (Internal Research)

-Important notification-
In April 2013, the following two functions were transferred to the Statistics Bureau due to the revision of the Order for the Organization of the MIC.
Compiling statistical compendia
Statistics Library and Statistics Museum

1. Brief history

    The Institute was founded in 1921 as the Statistics Staff Training Institute within the Census Office (Kokusei-in). After being suspended from 1943 to 1946, in 1948 it became a permanent body attached to the successor agency to the Kokusei-in, the Statistics Bureau of the Prime Minister's Agency.
    In 1971, the Institute opened its courses to all personnel of the national and local governments and public corporations, and was renamed the Statistical Training Institute of the Statistics Bureau.
    In 1978, the present building was constructed. In the 1984 administrative reforms, the Institute became a subsidiary body of the Statistics Center of the Management and Coordination Agency.
    During the 2001 administrative reforms when the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) was established, the Institute was transformed into the Statistical Research and Training Institute (by integrating the research and publishing functions as well as the library). This was done in order to establish a more systematic connection between research and training.
    In 2003, the Statistical Research and Training Institute was designated an independent educational institution of the MIC.

    In April 2013, the functions of Compiling stasistical compendia and Stasistics Library and Statistics Museum were transferred to the Statistics Bureau due to the revision of the Order for the Organization of the MIC.

    In March 2014, the Institute moved to Kokubunji City located in the west part of Tokyo (in the facility of the Institute for Information and Communications Policy).

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2. Statistical training

    The Institute fulfills the roles of a central statistical training institute as well as a special training institute for statistics in Japan. It provides various statistical training courses for the personnel of national and local governments with the aim of imparting statistical knowledge and skills in duties such as the compilation of statistics, statistical analysis, and the use of statistical data.

Statistical Training Courses
(a) Comprehensive Course

The Comprehensive Course aims to provide extensive and comprehensive knowledge, theories and analytical skills in statistics required in various administrative fields.

(b) Thematic Courses

The Thematic Courses mainly aim to provide knowledge, theories and analytical skills in statistics by constituent subjects of the Comprehensive Course such as 'Designing Statistical Surveys', 'Population Estimation' and 'National and Prefectural Accounts.'

(c) Specialized Courses

The Specialized Courses aim to provide basic statistical knowledge required for practical work, and knowledge and technical skills in the specific fields of statistics in various forms.


The lecturers of the Institute are comprised of professors, associate professors and lecturers of national and private universities, researchers of research institutions, the personnel of ministries and agencies, and the instructors of the Institute.

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3. Statistical research activities

To meet the statistical needs of Japan's social and economic trends, the Chief Research Officer in the Research Office is in charge of the following activities.

(a) Research on the advanced use of statistics

(b) Review of recent trends in research on statistical technology

(c) Research for planning new statistical training courses

Joint Research

Regarding research on the advanced use of statistics, various joint- research projects are carried out in collaboration with guest researchers. The results of each joint research are published in a "Research Paper", and its summary is placed on the website.
Recent joint-research themes are as follows.

(a) Statistical Analysis for Anti-seismic Reinforcement of Japanese Housing

(b) A Duration Model Analysis of Labor Market Status Transitions with Special Surveys of Labor Force Surveys

(c) An Analysis on the Japanese Youth's Regular/Non-Regular Employment and Unemployment

(d) An Analysis on Japanese Male and Female Job Search Behavior Following Job Quit

(e) Measuring Trend in Hours Worked Using Japanese Micro Data (Part1): Analysis for Prime Age Male Regular Employees

(f) Measuring Trend in Hours Worked Using Japanese Micro Data (Part2): Analysis for Prime Age Female Regular Employees

(g) An Empirical Analysis on Long Working Hours among Japanese Males in the 2000s - Examinations by Labor Force Survey

(h) On the Structure and Income of Family Which Bring Up Children Before Entering School. An Analysis of National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure 1984-2004

Internal Research

Several researches other than the joint research are made in the Institute.

Publication of "Research Memoir of Official Statistics"

The "Research Memoir of Official Statistics" is published once a year, as a rule, and aims to publicize and introduce the results of research on statistics carried out in the Bureau and Institute.

Participation in the Japan Statistical Society etc.

The Institute has joined the Japan Statistical Society, the Population Association of Japan, and the Geographic Information Systems Association together with the Bureau. At the annual meeting of each academic society, several staff members of the Institute and the Bureau present reports concerning the results of individual research, and collect the latest information on research trends in each field.


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