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August 17, 2012


2012 Employment Status Survey

   The SBJ has conducted the Employment Status Survey almost every five years since 1956, and will conduct the 16th survey as of October 1, 2012.

   [Purposes of the survey]

   The main purpose of the Employment Status Survey is to identify and obtain basic data on the actual conditions of the employment structure at both the national and regional levels. This data is to be used for administrative policy planning such as employment policies, economic policies in the national/prefectural/municipal governments and to contribute to the uses for academic researches.

   [What the results of the survey show]

   The SBJ has conducted two surveys on employment: the Labour Force Survey and the Employment Status Survey.

   The purpose of the Labour Force Survey is to elucidate the current state of employment and unemployment in Japan on a monthly basis. On the other hand, the Employment Status Survey clarifies the following about detailed conditions of the employment structure at both national and regional levels by surveying ten times more sample households than the Labour Force Survey.

      -  Detailed state of employment and unemployment

      -  Whether the wish exists to change the present job or to have an additional job

      -  Actual condition of persons who are unemployed or nearly unemployed

      -  Actual condition of change of employment status (getting job, change job and leaving job)

   [How the survey is conducted]

   The survey will be taken as of October 1, 2012.

   The survey will cover approximately one million persons over 15 years old of 470,000 households in the designated enumeration districts.

   The survey will be conducted through the following channel:


   Enumerators will distribute the questionnaires to each household to be surveyed and collect the completed questionnaires.

   [Significance and features of the 2012 survey]

      -  To contribute to the analysis of employment situation in the aging society with a declining birthrate and work-life balance, the SBJ will survey the situation of childcare and family care and use of systems such as childcare leave, family care leave, etc.

      -  To grasp the actual conditions of non-regular workers, the SBJ will survey the items regarding the employment contract period.

      -  To clarify the effect of the Great East Japan Earthquake on the employment, the SBJ will survey the situation of the victims and refugees.

      -  To expand the survey results at regional levels, the SBJ will compile the data by the economic area in each prefecture.

   The Internet survey system will be available in Tokyo, prefectural capitals, ordinance-designated cities and cities with population of 300,000 or more.

   To conduct the survey efficiently and smoothly, the SBJ will establish a call center which corresponds to the questions about the survey from the households.

   [Release schedule of the results]

   The survey results will be released by July 2013 on the Internet and publications.

      (Source) Employment Status Survey (SBJ)
      For further survey information, see the website below.

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