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News Bulletin

April 4, 2012


2012 Economic Census for Business Activity

   The Economic Census for Business Activity was conducted as of February 1, 2012.

   The Statistics Bureau of Japan (SBJ), Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications conducted the "Economic Census for Business Frame" in July 2009 to identify the establishments and enterprises in Japan. Based on the results of this Census, in February 2012, the SBJ and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry conducted the "2012 Economic Census for Business Activity" in order to focus on identifying the activities of these establishments and enterprises during 2011. The "2012 Economic Census for Business Activity" was conducted in cooperation with many other governmental Ministries and Agencies. The results from this Census are intended, not only government and researchers, but also for business people since they also cover business administration.

   When we conducted the "2012 Economic Census for Business Activity," we planned to integrate some of the major surveys, such as the "Establishment and Enterprise Census" and the "Survey on Service Industries," into the new Census. Moreover, this new Census was to cover the question items contained in the "Census of Commerce in 2009" and the "Census of Manufactures 2011," in order to reduce the burden on survey respondents.

[Objectives of the Census]

   The objectives of the Economic Census for Business Activity are, by investigating the economic activity of establishments and enterprises, to identify the structure of establishments and enterprises in all industries on a national and regional level, and to obtain basic information for conducting various statistical surveys.

[Date of the Census]

   The Census was taken as of February 1, 2012.

[Methods of the Census]

   <Survey by enumerator>

   To single-unit establishments, an enumerator visits each establishment, distributes a questionnaire, and asks them to fill it out. Then, an enumerator collects the questionnaire.

   <Survey by direct mailing>

   To enterprises having head and branch offices, the relevant authorities mail questionnaires directly, and have them sent back (either printed or electronic questionnaires) by mail or the Internet.

[Survey items]

   The items include basic ones such as the number of employees, etc., as well as some accounting and other questions, such as sales, expenses, and so on.

[Use of the Census results]

The two Ministries plan to offer the Census results in a great diversity of administrative documents and for other uses, including, but not limited to:

  • Use compliant with various laws and decrees

    As basic data employed in settlements of local consumption taxes, calculations of subsidies to municipalities, etc.

  • Use in administrative policies

    As basic data to determine policies of economy, environmental protection, employment, small businesses, etc.

  • Use by local government

    As basic data to determine policies to promote industries, regulate traffic, instruct business administration, and so on.

  • Use for economic indices

    As basic data used for obtaining GDP and other economic indices.

  • Use by private businesses and organizations

    As basic data to be considered in making business plans, decisions to launch new stores, etc.

      (Source)2012 Economic Census for Business Activity(SBJ)
      For further survey information, see the website below.

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