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September 27, 2010


The 2010 Population Census Questionnaires are Now being Distributed

   October 1 is the date of the 2010 Population Census in Japan. The Population Census covers all persons and households usually residing in Japan. Of course, foreigners living in Japan are also included in the coverage.

   The 2010 Population Census is the first census since Japan's population began to decline. In order to plan for the future of Japan, it is necessary for us to obtain an accurate picture of the present situation by conducting the Census.

   The questionnaires are distributed by census takers who visit each household prior to the Census date. Census takers wear an armband as well as a "Census Taker ID Card" that includes a photograph of their face. The information collected from persons and households is kept strictly confidential, and is used only for compiling statistics and never for other purposes.

   Since September 23, questionnaires have already been distributed. Taking part in the Census is an obligation required by law. Therefore, everyone has to make sure that they receive and fill in the questionnaire. Filled-in questionnaires can be handed to the census takers or mailed to municipal offices by the prepaid envelops.

   Translations of the questionnaires in 27 languages are prepared. Besides this, the booklet which explains the way to fill in the questionnaire is also translated in the same 27 languages. Therefore, foreigners will be able to fill in the questionnaire even if they do not understand Japanese.

   Results of the Census are used as the foundation for various policies: redrawing electoral districts for the House of Representatives allocating local tax, etc. They are also used in the private sector: planning for the strategy of store locations by chain store companies, analyzing the present economic and social situation by academic organizations, etc.

   Everyone living in Japan needs to participate in the Population Census, which is indispensable for knowing the present and for creating the future of Japan!

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