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News Bulletin

January 6, 2010


The Twenty-Fifth Korean Statistical Mission to Japan

The twenty-fifth statistical mission from Korea headed by Mr. Kwang-Sup KIM, Director-General of Survey Management Bureau, Statistics Korea, visited Japan from November 16 to 20, 2009.

In the SBJ, they actively discussed the approach towards the Economic Census and 2010 Population Census, Online Survey System and Indicator System of Regional Statistics.

They made a courtesy call to Mr. Kazuhiro HARAGUCHI, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, and talked about the importance of censuses and statistical surveys, as well as the need for future bilateral cooperation between Japan and Korea.

They also visited the Fukushima Prefectural Government and were given a cordial welcome by the Vice-Governor. They exchanged information on the statistical activities of local governments with the officers.

Japan and Korea have been cooperating with each other through the exchange of statistical missions almost every year since 1982. The missions aim to develop official statistics for both countries, and have served as opportunities to discuss the experiences and challenges between the two offices with regard to a wide range of statistical issues, such as organization, surveys, tabulation and data provision, and circumstances of local statistical organizations.

   The members of the twenty-fifth mission were as follows:

   Mr. Kwang-Sup KIM               Director General of Survey Management Bureau,Statistics Korea
   Mr. Dae-Ho KIM                    Assistant Director of Survey Planning&Regional Statistics Division
   Mr. Young-Bo LEE                 Assistant Director of Survey Frame Management Team
   Mr. Jeong-Mook JEONG        Assistant Director of Industry Statistics Division
   Mr. Shin-Ju SEO                    Staff of Survey Planning&Regional Statistics Division

The twenty-fifth Korean Statistical Mission (right) with senior staff of the SBJ (left)

The twenty-fifth Korean Statistical Mission (right) with senior staff of the SBJ (left)


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