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October 1, 2009


The 2009 Economic Census for Business Frame was conducted

   The Statistics Bureau of Japan (SBJ) conducted the first "Economic Census for Business Frame" as of July 1, 2009.    

1. Background on establishment of the Economic Census

   In Japan, the development of primary statistics which capture the entire picture of economic activity in one glance has been an urgent challenge for the government. Japan's previous industrial statistics had the following characteristics, so it had been inconvenient to utilize the statistical data and there were major limitations on the estimation of the GDP.

   (a) Industrial statistics were basically implemented by industries or by the relevant ministries.
   (b) The reference dates of surveys and survey cycles differed respectively for different surveys.
   (c) The concepts and definitions of the survey terms were not uniform among censuses and surveys.

   Under the above circumstances, the Statistics Commission considered the structural reform of official statistics in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and a Cabinet decision was made in June 2005 to establish the Economic Census in 2009, which would capture the entire picture of economic activity in one glance.
   As a result, large-scale statistical surveys such as the Establishment and Enterprise Census [1947-2006] were merged, and it was decided to establish the Economic Census.

2. Purpose

   The 2009 Census aims to capture the fundamental structure of industrial characteristics and the actual status of establishments and enterprises of all industries for Japan as a whole and every prefecture, surveying the number of employees, type of business conducted, legal organization, amount of capital, etc. The 2009 Census also has another objective to obtain a master sampling frame of establishments and enterprises for conducting various statistical surveys.
   Following the results of the 2009 Census, the 2011 Census will reveal accounting items, such as the sales amount of all establishments, comprehensively.

3. Coverage

   All establishments and enterprises, excluding unincorporated establishments in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, domestic services*1), foreign governments, or international agencies in Japan.

   Note: 1*) "Domestic services" is the industry where persons are engaged in house work.

4. Census date

   As of July 1, 2009

5. Survey Methods

   The 2009 Census consisted of Survey A, covering all private establishments, and Survey B, covering all public establishments2*) in both the central and local governments.

   Note: 2*) The public establishments here are composed of municipal, prefectural and national establishments.

 Survey A 
   In principle, enumerators visited establishments and enterprises, distributed questionnaires, and collected the filled-in questionnaires.
   For relatively larger enterprises, however, the SBJ or the statistical offices of local governments contacted and requested them to submit their responses.
   For enterprises with more than 10 establishments, they could request the following methods of response: via the Internet, or by mail back to the governments.
   For enterprises with branches, head offices were requested to fill in questionnaires for their branches.
   In case enumerators could not directly identify establishments such as small-offices, and home-offices (SOHOs), the SBJ utilized Commercial/Corporate Register data to precisely identify the establishments, and surveyed them.

 Survey B 
   For municipal establishments, municipal mayors sent and collected questionnaires, whereas this was done by prefectural governors for prefectural establishments and Ministers for national establishments.

6. Publication

   The publication schedule for the reports on the 2009 Census is as follows:
   - Preliminary report ---------------------------------------------June 2010
   - Final report------------------------------------------------November 2010

      (Source) 2009 Economic Census for Business Frame (SBJ)
       For further this survey details, see the web site below.


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