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International Statistical Activities

VOORBURG GROUP 18th Voorburg Group Meeting on Service Statistics Tokyo 6-10 October 2003
Locations and Accommodations
Social events
Rules for contribution Conference facilities
Session papers
Point of contact
[Opening and Progress Reports]
Session leader: Magali Demotes-Mainard
(INSEE, France)
Louis-Marc Ducharme
(Statistics Canada)
(brief comment by the session leader)
[Producer Price Indexes]
Session leader: Irwin Gerduk
(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Prepackaged Software
  Session Chair: Nicholas Palmer, Office of National Statistics, UK,
e-mail: Nicholas.Palmer@ons.

 *Survey on the work done internationally to measure PPI price change and countries experiences in surveying this industry ? - business model, pricing methodology, quality issues, and repricing results.
Computer Services, Scheduled Air Transportation, Sea Freight, and Courier Services
  Session Chair: Benoit Buisson, Insee, France,

*Discussion of different countries experiences in attempting to survey in the selected industries. Strategies and methodologies employed, difficulties and problems identified
Quality Adjustment and Fitness for Use
  Session Chair: Kiyohito Utsunomiya, Bank of Japan,

*Index quality adjustment and fitness for use of a PPI index in measuring real GDP.
OECD Inquiry on PPI Collections
  Session Chair: Seppo Varjonen, OECD,
[Information society]
Session leader: Lea Parjo
(Statistics Finland)
A framework for knowledge-based society statistics
  What kind of information is available via existing surveys, what are the areas not covered
ICT services
  Commodities classified under ICT services
ICT in enterprises
  Reports of experiences of such surveys, and development of new modules e.g. for measurement of impacts
Measuring outsourcing and subcontracting
ICT and business performance
Measuring ICT investments
Measuring the knowledge- based economy
  Innovation, mobility, skills and human capital, and intangibles.
Session leader: Paul Johanis
(Statistics Canada)
In the context of the 2007 revisions to ISIC and CPC, extensive consultations are being conducted during 2003 on desired changes and additions to these classifications. As part of this process, the United Nations Statistical Division has sent a questionnaire and associated background papers to all national statistical offices and relevant international organizations in order to collect their views on specific questions and proposals for this revision. The objective is to collect all this input by the end of 2003 so that specific changes and revisions can be developed and agreed upon in 2004.

The next meeting of the Voorburg group is therefore an ideal opportunity to gather input from practitioners in the field of services statistics regarding improvements you would like to see implemented in ISIC and the CPC related to the services. The classification session will be organized to collect and discuss such proposals in two blocks: activity classification (ISIC) and product classification (CPC).

In the ISIC block, topics for discussion will include the proposed structure changes to ISIC aimed at providing more services categories at all levels of the classification. These include new categories for Information; Scientific, professional and technical services; Support services; and Water supply, waste management and remediation (see ISIC structure paper for details). Papers that express views and comments on these proposals would be appreciated, plus any proposals for additional or changed detail that better represent the evolution of services activities in the world economy.

In the CPC block, topics for discussion will include proposed changes to the aggregation structure of the CPC, changes to details that are consequential on decisions regarding aggregation structure and any proposals for additional or changed detail that better represent the evolution of service products in the world economy. Papers that illustrate or express views on the basis of aggregation for the CPC (industry of origin, demand, or both) or that provide specific proposals for new or changed details would be appreciated.
[Turnover in service]
Session leader: Pekka Alajääskö
An inventory of how European countries monitor the detailed breakdown of turnover for service industries will be presented, as far as possible supplemented with experiences from other countries.
Session leader: Peter Boegh Nielsen
(Europiean Commission)
In the last 10 years we have seen a considerable development in the statistical coverage of the services sector in many countries. But due to the dynamic development of the services sector and the increasing focus on statistical data from policy makers, national statistical offices are confronted with new and increasing needs. In order to fulfil emerging user needs and manage available resources in efficient way, more long term planning of the statistical production is a necessity. This session shall discuss country experiences and plans for future development of the services sector statistics. The session shall address the problems encountered by countries with a more developed statistical system for services sector statistics as well as countries in the phase of setting up service sector statistics.
Session leader: Magali Demotes-Mainard
(INSEE, France)
(brief comment by the session leader)

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