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28th Meeting of Voorburg Group on Service Statistics

Participants List

Updated on 10/ 01/ 2013

Participants List(PDF:77KB)
No Country Title First name Surname Organization E-mail
1 Australia Mr Michael Morgan Australian Bureau of Statistics
2 Austria Mr Christian Puchter Statistics Austria
3 Canada Ms Mary Beth Garneau Statistics Canada
4 China Mr Qingguo Sun National Bureau of Statistics of China
5 China Ms Zheng Miao National Bureau of Statistics of China
6 Estonia Ms Eveli Sokman Statistics Estonia
7 Finland Mr Kristian Taskinen Statistics Finland
8 Finland Ms Anna-Riikka Pitkanen Statistics Finland
9 France Ms Anne-Sophie Fraisse OECD
10 France Mr Alain Gallais INSEE
11 France Mr Denis Gac INSEE
12 France Mr Jean-Francois Baron INSEE
13 France Mr Jean-Pierre Bachelart INSEE
14 Germany Ms Johanna von Borstel Federal Statistical Office
15 Germany Ms Dorothee Blang Federal Statistical Office
16 Hungary Ms Ildiko Hamvaine Holocsy Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO)
17 India Ms Lakshmi Shiv Kumar Godavarkar Office of Economic Adviser (OEA)
18 Ireland Mr Richard McMahon Central Statistics Office
19 Ireland Mr Niall O’Hanlon Central Statistics Office
20 Israel Ms Ruth Vizner Central Berau of Statistics, Israel
21 Italy Mr Mauro Politi ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics)
22 Italy Mr Roberto Iannaccone ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics)
23 Japan Ms Hina Kikegawa Bank of Japan
24 Japan Mr Masahiro Higo Bank of Japan
25 Japan Mr Shinsuke Oyama Bank of Japan
26 Japan Mr Sohei Kaihatsu Bank of Japan
27 Japan Ms Mio Sakamoto Bank of Japan
28 Japan Ms Aki Ono Bank of Japan
29 Japan Mr Masahiko Sue Director-General of the Statistics Bureau of Japan
30 Japan Mr Masato Aida Statistics Bureau of Japan
31 Japan Mr Shuji Saiki Statistics Bureau of Japan
32 Japan Ms Naoko Kurita Statistics Bureau of Japan
33 Japan Mr Kazuhiro Nakajima Statistics Bureau of Japan
34 Japan Mr Hidenobu Esashi Statistics Bureau of Japan
35 Japan Mr Naruhiko Yamagata Statistics Bureau of Japan
36 Japan Ms Akiko Yoshida Statistics Bureau of Japan
37 Japan Mr Takayuki Yamamoto Statistics Bureau of Japan
38 Japan Ms Takako Kanamuro Statistics Bureau of Japan
39 Japan Ms Shino Yazaki Statistics Bureau of Japan
40 Japan Mr Hideo Ishihara Statistics Bureau of Japan
41 Japan Ms Mayumi Fujita Statistics Bureau of Japan
42 Japan Ms Sakuya Iijima Statistics Bureau of Japan
43 Korea Mr Hwa Yong Kim The Bank of Korea
44 Korea Mr Minsu Kim The Bank of Korea
45 Malaysia Ms Fuziah Md. Amin Department of Statistics,Malaysia
46 Malaysia Ms Omi Kelsom Hj. Elias Department of Statistics,Malaysia
47 Mexico Mr Ramon Bravo Zepeda INEGI
48 Netherlands Mr Robbert de Ruijter Statistics Netherlands
49 Netherlands Ms Lucie Nan Statistics Netherlands
50 Norway Mr Jakob Kalko Statistics Norway
51 Poland Ms Renata Rechnio Central Statistical Office of Poland
52 Singapore Ms Bee Yian Tan Singapore Department of Statistics
53 Singapore Ms Sook Han Wong Singapore Department of Statistics
54 Sweden Ms Barbro von Hofsten Statistics Sweden
55 Sweden Ms Eva-Marie Gustafsson Statistics Sweden
56 Sweden Mr Jonas Faernstrand Statistics Sweden
57 Sweden Mr Jonas Ingman Statistics Sweden
58 Sweden Mr Marcus Friden Statistics Sweden
59 Thailand Ms Kannika Pornpipat Ministry of Commerce
60 Thailand Ms Pathamaporn Duangboonma Ministry of Commerce
61 Thailand Ms Jutarmas Chaiwong Ministry of Commerce
62 Turkey Mr Abdullah Yuksel TurkStat
63 UK Mr Derek Bird Office for National Statistics
64 UK Mr Christopher Jenkins Office for National Statistics
65 USA Mr John Murphy U.S. Census Bureau
66 USA Mr David Friedman U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
67 USA Ms Bonnie Murphy U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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