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Participation in International Statistical Activities

Hosting international statistical conferences

Participation in International Comparison Program (ICP)external sites

World Statistics Day

What is a World Statistics Day?

The United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution (A/RES/64/267) on the World Statistics Day (20-10-2010) at its 64th session on 3 June 2010. This is the first time to celebrate the world wide statistics day, while the Japanese Statistics Dayexternal sites (Link to Japanese site) has a long history since 1973.

Why the World Statistics Day?

The internationally comparable and reliable official statistics are required in the modern era of expanding globalization. Actually, the official statistics are complied according to the international guidelines and framework. The celebration of the World Statistics Day will acknowledge the service provided by the global statistical system both at national and international level.

Why 20.10.2010?

Two hundred twenty three (223) countries or areas have scheduled or already conducted at least one census in the 2010 census round as recommended by the United Nationsexternal sites. The Japanese Population Census is conducted as of 1 October 2010. The World Statistics Day is expected to help strengthen the awareness and trust of the public in official statistics and lead successful 2010 round censuses.

What to expect?

On World Statistics Day, activities at national level will highlight the role of official statistics and the many achievements of the national statistical system. International, regional and sub-regional organizations will complement national activities with additional events. You can get the relevant information at the United Nations World Statistics Day websiteexternal sites.

Activities in Japan

  • Exhibitions and events
    • Exhibition at the Statistical Museum, May to Dec. 2010, Tokyo
      Photo Museum 1 Photo Museum 2
    • Open Government Offices for Kids, 18 and 19 Aug. 2010, Tokyo
      Open for kids 1 Open for kids 2
    • Grand Conference of Japanese Statistical Academies, 5 to 8 Sep. 2010, Tokyo
      Statistical Academies
    • Statistical Data/Graph Fair in cooperation with the United Nations Information Center, 23-24 Oct. 2010, Tokyo
      Statistical Data/Graph Fair 1 Statistical Data/Graph Fair 2 Statistical Data/Graph Fair 3
  • Public relations
    • Posting information on the official website, Apr. to Dec. 2010
    • Press release, 15 Oct. 2010
      cover and contents of "mic"
    • Radio broadcasting, 14 Oct. 2010
    • E-mail newsletter
      - E-mail newsletter of MIC, 19 Oct. 2010
      - E-mail newsletter of Statistics Bureau, 19 Oct. 2010
      - E-mail newsletter of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), 15 Oct. 2010
    • Articles in publications, May to Oct. 2010
      - Monthly public relations magazine of MIC
      cover and contents of "mic"
      - Newsletters published by Statistics Bureau and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
      -- News Bulletin Nov. 2010
      -- Monthly Newsletter of Family Income and Expenditure Survey (for households surveyed)
      cover and contents of "mic"
    • Digital information display at the Statistics Bureau building entrance hall, Aug. to Oct. 2010
      Digital information display 1 Digital information display 2
    • Electrical Bulletin Board of the MIC, 1-20 Oct, 2010
      Bulletin Board
  • Activities at local governments
    • Aomori Prefecture : Lecture session for survey enumerators, 20 and 21 Jul. 2010
      cover of book contents of book
    • Kagawa Prefecture : Statistics Day Poster Exhibition, 8 to 21 Oct. 2010
      Poster Exhibition1 Poster Exhibition2
    • Fukushima Prefecture : newspaper advertising, 18 Oct. 2010

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