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Appendix1-(1) Law to Establish the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

                                                            Promulgated on 16 July 1999 (Law No. 91)

                                                            Latest amendment pursuant to Law No.75 of 2014 (Excerpts)

Purpose of the Law

Article 1

The purpose of this law is to establish the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and to determine clearly its responsibilities, the scope of specific functions and the organization necessary for the efficient execution of administrative affairs for which it is responsible.


Article 2

In accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 2 of Article 3 of the National Government Organization Law, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications shall be established.

Specific Functions

Article 4

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications shall have the following scope in terms of its specific functions in order to accomplish its responsibilities.

(81) To plan fundamental matters for the improvement and development of statistics and statistical system;

(82) To examine statistical survey plans for approval, to establish a system of statistical standards and to coordinate governmental statistical affairs;

(83) To plan training programs and to administer qualifying examinations for statistical officials;

(84) To coordinate international statistical affairs;

(85) To execute and tabulate the Population Census and other fundamental statistical censuses and surveys as well as statistical surveys entrusted by other national administrative organizations and local governments;

(86) To conduct research on statistical methods and to improve and develop statistics.

(96) To provide the following trainings at the educational training facilities established by the cabinet order.

        (b) Statistical training courses for civil servants of the national and local governments.

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