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2002 National Survey of Prices: Summary of Results (Results of Internet sales prices)

Difference of prices by sales type

  • The prices of audio-video equipment by internet sales are over 10% lower than those by over-the-counter sales.

By comparing the prices offered by Internet sales and those by over-the-counter sales (large-scale volume sales specialty store), the prices by Internet sales are lower, for example by around 14% for “video camera”, by around 11% to 13% for other audio-video equipment such as “digital camera” or “DVD player”, etc., and by around 4% to 5% for “personal computers”.

On the other hand, the price of “PC printer” offered by over-the-counter sales (large-scale volume sales specialty store) is lower than that by Internet sales.

Table: The number of tabulated prices, average price and price comparison by item according to sales type

(Note) Price comparison


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