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2002 National Survey of Prices: Summary of Results (Large-scale outlet)

6 Prices by prefecture

  • For bundle sale of low-malt beer, a price of an item which is subjected to a price strategy tends to decline in prefectures where there are many outlets.
  • For whiskey, distilled spirits "Shochu" and “Sake”, these prices tend to be low in prefectures where there are many consumers.

(1) For prices of single-can sale and those of bundle sale (24 cans) for each of “canned beer” and “low-malt beer”, looking at the correlation between “average price” and “number of outlets per population of 100,000” (*1) by prefecture, in each case bundle sale prices tend to decline more in prefectures where the numbers of outlets are bigger, and “low-malt beer” has a stronger correlation between these two. This seems to be because bundle sale of “low-malt beer” is subject to a price strategy, and the prices decline more in regions where price competitions are more intensified. Meanwhile, no correlation with the number of outlets is found in both items as far as single-can sale is concerned.

(*1--- Ratio of “2002 National Survey of Prices: Number of surveyed outlets” to “2000 Population Census (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) (2002 National Survey of Prices: Municipalities surveyed)”)

Relation between average prices and the number of outlets per population of 100,000 / Chart 6.1 Low-malt beer (specified brand A), 24-can sale / Chart 6.2 Low-malt beer (specified brand A), single-can sale


(2) Looking at the correlation between “average prices” and “consumption” (*2) of each of “whiskey (specified brand A)”, distilled spirits "Shochu (specified brand)" and “Sake (specified brand)” by prefecture, in each case, the prices tend to become lower in regions where consumption is high. Meanwhile, no such correlation is found in the case of “canned beer” and “low-malt beer”.

(*2--- Family budget survey (2002 survey) (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), Purchased quantity per household by prefectural capital (every household (including households with 2 or more family members and those of agriculture, forestry and fisheries)))

Table 6.1 Correlation between average prices and consumption


Looking at “average prices” and “consumption” of “whiskey (specified brand A)” which has the strongest correlation between these two by prefecture, the results are as shown in Chart 6-3 and Chart 6-4 .

Relation between average prices and consumption / Chart 6.3 Average prices of whiskey (specified brand A) by prefecture / Chart 6.4 Consumption of domestically-made whiskey by prefecture


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