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2002 National Survey of Prices: Summary of Results (Large-scale outlet)

2 Difference of prices by type of outlet

  • At supermarkets clothing items are low-priced, while at drug stores Cola, gastroenteric medicines, shampoo, etc. are relatively low-priced.

(1) Looking at items which are over 10% lower priced and over 10% higher priced than the average prices of all surveyed outlets (all large-scale outlets) by type of outlet, the result is as shown in Table 2-1.

At “general retail outlet”, there are many low-priced items (mainly food stuffs), but also some high-priced items.

At “supermarket”, clothing items especially tend to be low-priced. “Photo printing” is high-priced.

At “volume sales specialty store”, some food stuffs and clothing items are low-priced.

At “department store”, many items are apt to be of the highest-price.

At “cooperative store”, “beef loin (domestic)” is low-priced but some high-priced food stuffs are also found.

(2) At “drug store”, there is no item which is over 10% lower priced and over 10% higher priced than the average prices. The prices applied by “drug store” are compared with those by “general retail outlet”, “supermarket” and “volume sales specialty store”; the result shown in Chart 2-1 is found.

At “drug store”, the prices of “Cola”, “gastroenteric medicines”, “disposable diapers (for adult )” and “shampoo” are the lowest among all types of outlet, and the prices of “mineral water”, “facial tissue” and “detergent for laundry” are the second lowest after those of “volume sales specialty store”.

Chart 2.1 Low-priced items at drug store


Table 2.1 Low-priced items and high-priced items by type of outlet


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