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2002 National Survey of Prices: Summary of Results (Large-scale outlet)

1 Outlet distribution by type of outlet, and the situation of discount sales

  • Among whole large-scale outlets, supermarkets account for more than 40%, and volume sales specialty stores account for about 30%.
  • About 40% of the large-scale outlets conduct discount sales, and this tendency is increasing across the country.
  • As for drug stores, about two-thirds of them conduct discount sales.

(1) The total number of surveyed large-scale outlets in all surveyed municipalities is 21,414. This number corresponds to about 65% of large-scale outlets throughout the country.

Looking at the ratio of the number of outlets by type of outlet, “supermarket” accounts for 43.0% and “volume sales specialty store” for 30.5%, therefore both types of outlet account for about three-quarters of the whole surveyed number.

Table 1.1 Number and ratio of surveyed outlets by type of outlet


Looking at the ratio of the number of the outlets by type of outlet in each prefecture, the result shown in Table 1-2 is found.

Table 1.2 Ratio of the number of the outlets by type of outlet in each prefecture


(2) As for “general retail outlet”, “supermarket”, “volume sales specialty store” and “drug store”, all of which are large-scale outlets, the ratio of outlets for which the major management strategy is “discount sales” is 41.4% across the county and increased by 10 points in comparison with the previous survey (1997). As for the ratio by region, the previous survey showed that the rate in eastern Japan tended to be high. On the other hand, this survey (2002) showed that the rate increased all over the country, especially in Kagoshima-ken and Gifu-ken where the rate increased by more than 20 points.

Looking at the ratios by type of outlet, “drug store” showed a high ratio and around two-thirds of them in the country conduct discount sales. In addition, as for other types of outlet, the ratio increased in comparison with the previous survey.

Chart 1.1 Ratio of outlets which conduct discount sales

Chart 1.2 Ratio of discount sales by type of outlet


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