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Outline of the System of Social and Demographic Statistics of Japan

1. The System of Social and Demographic Statistics of Japan

The System of Social and Demographic Statistics of Japan is a system in which statistical data in a wide range of fields are collected, normalised and organised. The system describes the lives of Japanese people in various fields. The purpose of the system is to provide basic data useful for various kinds of administrative programmes, policy-making and analysis of regional differences. It was started by the Statistics Bureau in fiscal 1976.

What is characteristic of the system is that the data are organised for each of prefectures (To, Do, Fu and Ken) and municipalities (Shi, Ku, Machi and Mura), thus enabling regional comparison and analysis.

2. Basic Data collected in the System

In the system, basic data are collected in 13 fields from "A. Population and Households" to "M.Daily Time". The number of basic data items is about 2,910 for prefectures, about 750 for Shi and Ku, and about 730 for Machi and Mura respectively (as of Fiscal Year 2016).

3. Compilation of the System

The system is compiled by the following process:

(1) Determination of basic data to be collected
(2) Collection of basic data
      - Statistical Data quoted from report books and computer readable media
      - Business Data from organisations
(3) Input and evaluation of basic data
(4) Systematisation of basic data and indicator calculation
(5) Provision of the results by report books, computer readable media, and online

4. Dissemination of the Data of the System

Data organised in the system are provided in computer readable media and publications, for free online.

(1) Computer readable media

  • Basic Data by prefecture (CD-R, etc. time series from 1975)
  • Basic Data by municipality (CD-R, etc. time series from 1980)
  • Data in "Social Indicators by Prefecture" (CD-R, etc.)
  • Data in "Statistical Observations of Prefectures" (CD-R, etc.)
  • Data in "Statistical Observations of Shi, Ku, Machi, Mura" (CD-R, etc.)

(2) Publications

  • Social Indicators by Prefecture (2017 edition)(bilingual, published annually; 596 social indicators and 560 basic data)
  • Statistical Observations of Prefectures (2017 edition)(in Japanese only, published annually; 444 social indicators)
  • Statistical Observations of Shi, Ku, Machi, Mura (2017 edition)(in Japanese only, published annually;92 basic data of Shi, Ku, Machi and Mura)

(3) Online

Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan (e-Stat);

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