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Social Indicators by Prefecture

Social Indicators By Prefecture

Social Indicators by Prefecture 2017

The "Social Indicators by Prefecture" is a report based on prefecture-specific primary data on statistical indicators which are set using basic data developed for the System of Social and Demographic Statistics of Japan.

It includes 596 social indicators and 560 items of basic data (published in February 2017).

In addition to this report, two subsidiary reports titled "Statistical Observations of Prefectures" and "Statistical Observations of Shi, Ku, Machi, Mura" are also published. (Japanese only)

Table of Contents

The "Social Indicators by Prefecture" consists of four parts: "I. Social Indicators", "II. Basic Data", "III. Explanation of Terms", and "IV. Explanation of Indicators".


e-Stat is "Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan" (external site) where you can browse statistics tables and database.

I. Social Indicatorse-Stat

II. Basic Datae-Stat

III. Explanation of Terms (Japanese only)

IV. Explanaiton of Indicators (Japanese only)

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