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2001 Survey on Time Use and Leisure Activities

Kind of Activities

2001 Survey on Time Use and Leisure Activities (Questionnaire A)

Activities Examples and/or notes
1.Sleep Time from going to bed till getting up
2.Personal care Washing face, bathing, dressing, hair-dressing, etc.
3.Meals Includes drinking before or after meals.
If the main purpose is socializing, included "18. Social life".
4. Commuting to and from school or work Going to work or school and returning
5.Work Work for pay or profit
Includes helping family business.
Rest between work time should be classified according to the activity actually done.
6.Schoolwork Studying by students at school, such as high school, college and university
Homework is included.
7.Housework Cooking, table setting, cleaning house, caring for family members other than little child, keeping the family account, visits to the public office on personal or family matters
8.Caring or nursing Helping family or related person to have a meal, take a bath, dress, move, and to do other movement
9.Child care Caring for little child(ren)
Including activities concerning education of the child(ren).
10.Shopping Purchase of food, clothes, or other goods
Includes window-shopping.
11.Moving Moving other than "4. Commuting to and from school or work"
12.Watching TV, listening to the radio, reading newspapers or magazines Includes watching TV programs recorded on videotape
13.Rest and relaxation Conversation with family, office colleagues, etc.
14.Studies and researches Studies and researches other than "6. Schoolwork"
Those as a part of work are included in "5. Work".
15.Hobbies and amusements Seeing a movie or a play, playing or listening to music, caring for pets, gardening, flower arrangement, chess, mahjong, etc.
16.Sports Athletic amusements such as baseball, volleyball, tennis, etc.
Includes light exercises and outdoor leisure such as jogging, hiking, etc.
17.Volunteer and social activities Voluntary activities or other social activities to promote social welfare by providing one's effort, skill and time without pay
18.Social life Seeing friends, taking with neighbours, attending meetings, funerals, wedding, receiving friends at home, etc.
19.Medical examination or treatment Stay in bed due to illness, seeing a doctor for treatment, etc.
20.Other activities Activities not classified elsewhere


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