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Notes on the Statistical Tables

  1. The sums of its components dose not necessarily add up to the total, since the figures are rounded to the unit, or the total may include "not reported".
  2. The figures by the 1999 survey on service industries were recombined on the basis of the eleventh revision of the Standard Classification for Japan. In addition, the industrial classifications are excepted from coverage of the survey and couldn't be recombine is denotes by "...".
  3. 2004 survey on service industries isn't surveying that Type of legal organization is "Others" of the income. Accordingly among Income, Type of legal organization denotes it in "..." about "Others" and sum of "Individual proprietorships" and "Companies" and "Others".
  4. "-" denotes that there are no applicable figures.
  5. "0" or "0.0" denotes below unit.
  6. "X" denotes that the number of applicable establishments is one or two, accordingly the corresponding figures of persons engaged, income, etc. being not shown. This entry is also used when it is to be feared that a particular establishment can be identified from other related figures.
  7. For the English version of the industrial classification, refer to "Main Example of Industrial Classification used in the 2004 Survey on Service Industries".

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