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1. Establishments and Persons Engaged

The number of persons engaged has increased 1,296 thousand (a 9.6% increase) compared to the 1999 survey

  As of June 1, 2004, the private service industry* is 2126 thousand, as compared with 1999,since when the number of establishments in all industries has had a decrease of 7.7%, with the service industry presenting a decrease of 1.2%. The decrease ratio in the service industry establishment is therefore low.
  In addition, the number of persons engaged comes to 14,769 thousand, as compared with 1999, since when the number of person engaged in all industries has had a decrease of 1,739 thousand (a 3.2% decrease), with the service industry increasing by 1,296 thousand (a 9.6% increase).

*)Among Standard Industrial Classifications for Japan, "real estate (except for real estate agencies)", "eating and drinking places, accommodations (except for spree eating and drinking places)", "medical, health care and welfare (except for some medical and other health services)", "education, learning support (except for school education)", "compound services (except for postal services)", "services, n.e.c (except for domestic service and, foreign governments and international agencies in Japan)" and some of "information and communications". Refer to "Outline of Survey". Hereinafter
mentioned as same.
Figure1-1 Number of Establishments, Figure1-2 Number of Persons Engaged(1999,2004)

Table1 Increase and Rate of Increase by Number of Establishments and Persons Engaged

Note 1) For 1999, the results of "Recombined tabulation in New Industrial Classification" of "Establishment and Enterprise Census" were used.
Note 2) For "All industry" of 2004, the results of "2004 Establishment and Enterprise Census" were investigated at the same time.

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