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2. Income

Income by prefecture

Tokyo accounts for about three tenths of all income, and the top 4 prefectures account for about half.

  In reference to income (151,815.9 billion yen) by prefecture, 41,221.2 billion yen (27.2% of all amount of income) is the highest and is found in Tokyo, followed by 13,714.7 billion yen (9.0%) in Osaka, 9,181.1 billion yen (6.0%) in Kanagawa, and 8,959.8 billion yen (5.9%) in Aichi. The top 4 prefectures account for about half of all income.
Figure6-2 Composition Ratio of Income by Prefecture

Income per establishment

Income per establishment in Tokyo is 2.1 times the national average

  With regard to income per establishment by prefecture, 17,0510 thousand yen in Tokyo is the highest, and is 2.1 times the national average of 79,740 thousand yen. Other than Tokyo, prefectures that exceeded the national average are Osaka (92,540 thousand yen), Kanagawa (87,440 thousand yen), Chiba (84,330 thousand yen), and Aichi (80,480 thousand yen).
Figure6-3 Income per Establishment by Prefecture

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