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Outline of the 2004 Survey

1    Objective of the Survey

 The Survey on Service Industries aims to obtain data on the distribution of establishments engaged in service industries by fundamental attribute, matters of accounting and actual condition of business, for the whole of Japan and for each prefecture in order to provide basic data for national and local policy planning.

2    Legal Basis of the Survey

 Designated Statistics No.117 under the Statistics Law (Law No.18, 1947) is to be made by this survey.
It was undertaken in accordance with the rules of the Survey on Service Industries, which were enacted by the Prime Minister's Office Order (Order No.20, April, 1989).  

3    Date of the Survey

 The survey was carried out as of 1 June 2004. (The first survey was carried out as of 1 September 1989, the second as of 1 November 1994, the third survey as of 15 November 1999, and this survey was the fourth.)

4    Area of the Survey

 The survey covered all areas throughout Japan.

5    Coverage of the Survey

(1)    Industrial

The 2004 Survey covered industries classified into the groups designated by the Japan Standard Industrial Classification (the eleventh revision), as shown below.

Division H - Information and communications

41 Video picture, sound information, character information production and distribution

Note: Only the following minor group industry was included.

415 Services incidental to video picture, sound information, character information production and distribution

Division L - Real estate

69 Real estate lessors and managers

Division M - Eating and drinking places, accommodations

70 General eating and drinking places

72 Accommodations

Division N - Medical, health care and welfare

73 Medical and other health services

Note: Only the following minor group industries were included.

734 Maternity clinics and nursing

735 Other health practitioners

736 Services incidental to medical

74 Public health and hygiene

75 Social insurance and social welfare

Division O - Education, learning support

77 Miscellaneous education, learning support

Division P - Compound services

79 Cooperative associations, n.e.c.

Division Q - Services, n.e.c

80 Professional services, n.e.c.

81 Scientific and development research institutes

82 Laundry, beauty and bath services

83 Miscellaneous living-related and personal services

Note: Only the following minor group industry was excluded.

832 Domestic services            

84 Services for amusement and hobbies            

85 Waste disposal business            

86 Automobile maintenance services           

87 Machine, etc. repair services, except otherwise classified            

88 Goods rental and leasing            

89 Advertising            

90 Miscellaneous business services            

91 Political, business and cultural organizations            

92 Religion            

93 Miscellaneous services

(2)    Establishments

About 430,000 establishments were selected by means of the following.

(a)    Existing establishments                

All establishments engaging 30 or more persons and that existed at the time of the 2001 and 2004 Establishment and Enterprise Census were surveyed. In addition, establishments engaging fewer than 30 persons that were selected at the sampling ratio by prefecture and industry (minor groups) were surveyed.      

(b)    New establishments                

All new establishments engaging 30 or more persons and that were established after the 2001 Establishment and Enterprise Census were surveyed in designated enumeration districts, and sampled at a ratio of 1:6.

6    Survey items

(1)      Name of the establishment  

(2)      Address of the establishment 

(3)      Type of legal organization 

(4)      Head or branch office 

(5)      Opening year of the establishment 

(6)      Number of persons engaged in the establishment 

(7)      Category of business activities of the establishment 

(8)      Capital etc.  

(9)      Type of opening  

(10)     Income (annual)  

(11)     Ratio of incomes by business or activity  

(12)     Ratio of incomes by other parties  

(13)     Expenses (annual)  

(14)     Wages and salaries (annual)  

(15)     Equipment investment (annual) (The expenses for acquiring land are excluded)

7    Method of the Surv

As a general rule, the survey was conducted through the following channel. 

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications---Governors of prefectural governments--- Heads of municipalities---Supervisors---Enumerators---Establishments

Enumeration was completed in such a manner that the enumerators who cover the enumeration areas delivered questionnaires to the establishments and collected questionnaires, which were filled out by the designated persons of the establishments.

8    Tabulation and Estimation method of results

The National Statistics Center made up the tabulation of this survey.
Numeric results are estimated by ratio estimation by benchmark, by number of establishments in the 2004 Establishment and Enterprise Census by prefecture, minor industry group, and type of legal organization.

9    Announcement of the result

As for the report of the result of basic survey of service sector, Results for  Japan, Results for Regions and Summary Report were published.



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