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Industrial Classification Used for the 1999 Survey on Service Industries

L Services

72 Laundry, beauty and bath services

 721 Laundries

  72A Ordinary laundries

  72B Linen supply

 722 Fulling and dyeing plants

 723 Barbershops

 724 Beauty parlors

 725 Public bathhouses

 726 Special bathhouses

 729 Miscellaneous laundry, beauty and bath services

73 Automobile parking

74 Miscellaneous domestic and personal services

 743 Photographic studios

 744 Garment sewing services and repairs

 745 Checkrooms

 746 Crematories and graveyard custodians

 747 Ceremonial occasions

 749 Domestic and personal services, n.e.c.

75 Hotels, boarding houses and other lodging places

 751 Hotels

 752 Common lodging houses

 753 Boarding houses

 759 Miscellaneous lodging places  

  75A Lodging facilities of companies and associations 

  75B Lodging places, n.e.c.

76 Amusement and recreation services, except motion picture and video production

 761 Motion picture theatres

 762 Legitimate theatres and performances, except otherwise classified

 763 Theatrical companies

 764 Bicycle, horse, motorcar and motorboat race track operations

 765 Bicycle, horse, motorcar and motorboat race companies

 766 Sports facilities 

  76A Sports facilities, except otherwise classified  

  76B Gymnasiums  

  76C Golf courses  

  76D Golf driving range operations 

  76E Bowling alleys  

  76F Tennis clubs  

  76G Baseball and tennis batting range operations

 767 Public gardens and amusement parks

 768 Amusement and recreation facilities 

  76K "Mah-jong" clubs  

  76L "Pachinko" parlors 

  76M Miscellaneous amusement and recreation facilities

 769 Miscellaneous amusement and recreation services 

  76N Marinas

  76P Recreational fishing guide business 

  76Q Miscellaneous amusement and recreation services

77 Automobile repair services

78 Machine, upholstery, furniture, etc.,repair services, except otherwise classified

 781 Machine repair shops

 784 Paper hangers

 789 Repair services, n.e.c.

79 Goods rental and leasing

 791 General goods rental and leasing

 792 Industrial equipment and machinery rental

 793 Office machinery rental

 794 Automobile rental

 795 Sports and recreation goods rental

 799 Miscellaneous goods rental and leasing

  79A Audio and visual recordings rental, except otherwise classified

  79B Miscellaneous goods rental and leasing

80 Motion picture and video production

 801 Motion picture, video production and distribution

 802 Motion picture and video services

81 Broadcasting

 811 Public broadcasting, except cablecasting

 812 Private broadcasting, except cablecasting

 813 Cablecasting

82 Information services and research

 821 Computer programming and other software services

 822 Data processing and information services  

  82A Data processing services  

  82B Research and information services, except marketing or opinion research services 

  82C Miscellaneous information services

 823 News syndicates

 824 Detective agencies and credit bureaus 

83 Advertising

 831 Advertising agencies

 839 Miscellaneous advertising services

84 Professional services,n.e.c.

 841 Lawyers' and patent attorneys' offices  

  84K Lawyers'  

  84L Patent attorneys' offices

 842 Notaries public's and judicial scriveners' offices

 843 Certified public accountants' and auditors' offices  

  84M Certified public accountants'  

  84N Auditors' offices

 844 Veterinary services

 845 Engineering and architectural services

 846 Commercial and engineering design services

 847 Authors and artists

 848 Individual instruction places 

  84A Tutorial schools, except miscellaneous schools  

  84B Fitness clubs 

  84C Sports, health, except fitness clubs  

  84D Flower, tea ceremony  

  84E Abacus  

  84F Music 

  84G Calligraphy 

  84J Miscellaneous individual instruction places

 849 Miscellaneous professional services

85 Cooperative associations, n.e.c.

 851 Agriculture, forestry and marine cooperative association, n.e.c.

 852 Business cooperative associations, n.e.c.

86 Miscellaneous business services

 861 Stenographic, copying and duplicating services

 862 Commodity inspection services

 863 Surveyor certification

 864 Building maintenance services

 865 Private employment services

 866 Guard services

 869 Business services, n.e.c.

87 Waste treatment services

 871 Domestic waste treatment services

 872 Industrial waste treatment services

 879 Miscellaneous waste treatment services

88 Medical and other health services

 885 Offices of other health practitioners

 886 Dental laboratories

 887 Services related to health care, except otherwise classified

 889 Miscellaneous health services

89 Public health services

 892 Health consultation offices

 899 Miscellaneous public health services

90 Social insurance and social welfare

 901 Social insurance organizations

 903 Child welfare services  

  90A Day nursery  

  90B Miscellaneous child welfare services

 904 Welfare services for the aged

 905 Welfare services for mental retarded persons and physically disabled persons

 909 Miscellaneous social insurance and social welfare

91 Education

 918 Social educational services 

  91C Museums and art galleries 

  91D Zoological gardens, botanical gardens and aquariums  

  91E Miscellaneous social educational services

 919 Miscellaneous educational services

92 Scientific research institutes

 921 Research institutes for natural sciences

 922 Cultural and social science research institutes

93 Religion

 931 Shintoism

 932 Buddhism

 933 Christianity

 939 Miscellaneous religions

94 Political, business and cultural organizations

 941 Business and professional associations

 942 Labour organizations

 943 Non-profit cultural, science and art organizations

 944 Political organizations

 949 Non-profit organizations, n.e.c.

95 Miscellaneous services

 951 Meeting halls

 952 Slaughterhouses

 959 Services, n.e.c.

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