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Outline of the 1999 Survey

1 Objective

To prepare the basic materials for the certain governmental practices by clarifying the economic activity and current business status of our country or for each area through survey of the basic attribution, accounting respect and reality of business of the institution, shop and facility (hereinafter mentioned as "institution") in service sector.

2 Due date

This survey was implemented on Nov. 15, 1999.
(1st survey was implemented on July 1, 1989, 2nd was on Nov. 1, 1994.This is the 3rd implementation.)

3 Coverage of survey

This survey covered all areas in country.

4 Target of survey

(1) Target industry of survey

Followings are the targets of this survey, industry Middle Div in Major Div. "L. Service sector", set forth in Japan standard industrial classification.

[Target industry on the basic survey of service sector]
Mid Div. 
72 Laundry, beauty and bath services 
73 Automobile parking
74 Miscellaneous domestic and personal services
Note: However, the following industries in the minor groups were to be excluded from the medium group.
741-Domestic services, resident
742-Domestic services, non-resident
75 Hotels, boarding house and other lodging places
76 Amusement and recreation services, except motion picture and video production.
77 Automobile repair services
78 Machine, upholstery, furniture, etc.,repair services, except otherwise classified
79 Goods rental and leasing
80 Motion picture and video production
81 Broadcasting
82 Information services and research
83 Advertising 
84 Professional services, n.e.c.
85 Cooperative association, n.e.c.
86 Other business service
87 Waste treatment services
88 Medical and other health services
Note: Only the following industries in the minor groups were to be included in the medium group.
885-Offices of other health practitioners
886-Dental laboratories
887-Services related to health care, except otherwise classified
889-Miscellaneous health services
89 Public health services
90 Social insurance and social welfare
91 Education
Note: Only the following industries in the minor groups were to be included in the medium group.
918-Social education services
919-Miscellaneous educational services
92 Scientific research institutes
93 Religion
94 Political, business and cultural organizations
95 Miscellaneous services

(2)  Target institution

We picked some institutions from "Target industry of survey" based on the followings.
a    Institution, more than 30 employees
We picked institutions which have more than 30 employees as target  institutions from the Statistic survey of institutes and companies, 1999.  
b    Institution, less than 30 employees 
Among all of the institutions with less than 30 employees in the 1996 Statistical survey of  the institutions & companies, we picked the institutions which were established after the 1996 Statistical survey of the institutions & companies in the target area of the Statistical survey of  the institutions & companies (with 5% sample) specified by the sample rate of each prefecture and industrial classifications. 
This survey uses the data of the target institutions of the Survey of Specific Service Industry in 1999.    

5 Items of survey

(1)   Name of office, shop or institution
(2)   Management organization
(3)   Capital fund
(4)   Distinction of head office or branch
(5)   Number of employees
(6)   Date of establishment
(7)   Conformation of establishment
(8)   Accounting journal entry period
(9)   Annual income
(10)  Percentage of Income for each business and activity
(11)  Percentage of Income from business and activity for each customer
(12)  Annual expenses
(13)  Annual salary from total expenses  
(14)  Annual amount of capital investment (excluding land buying)
(15)  status of prosperity of business and activity 

6 Method of survey

Based on the following flow, surveyor distributed questionnaire to the institutes in his associated area, business owner or representative of business owner filled in such questionnaire, then   surveyor collected such questionnaire from such institute. However, as for the number of employees for each institute Director-General of the Management and Coordination Agency transcribed the number of employees for each title of such institute from magnetic tape recording the questionnaire of Statistical survey of the institutions & companies in 1999.

Director-General of MCA - Prefectures governor - Mayor - (counselor) - surveyor - target institution
*The counselor was allocated certain municipality.

7 Method of estimation of result

The result of numerical value was estimated by the proportional correction of the result of basic survey of service sector based on the number of institution for each industry minor division for each prefecture as of July 1, 2000 as a benchmark.

8 Counting and tabulation

Counting and tabulation was implemented in the Statistics bureau & Statistics Center.

9 Announcement of the result

As for the report of the result of basic survey of service sector, Results for  Japan, Results for Regions and Summary Report were published.

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