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the Special Survey of the Labour Force Survey 

Outline (February 2001)

1. Purpose of the survey

The purpose of the Special Survey of the Labour Force Survey is to investigate the details on employment and unemployment status, supplementing the monthly Labour Force Survey.

2. Population coverage

The universe of the survey is composed of all persons 15 years old and over usually residing in this country, except the Self-defence Forces personnel in the camps or vessels and legally detained persons under sentence. Actual enumeration takes place on a sample basis. About 100 thousand persons usually residing in about 40 thousand households are selected and enumerated.

3. Reference period (Survey week)

The survey was conducted as of February 28, 2001. The reference period for the activity status was one week from February 22 to 28, 2001.

4. Field operation

The field operation was carried out by enumerators, and each questionnaire was filled in by each household member.

5. Concepts and Definitions

a) Labour force status

Population 15 years old and over is classified as follows according to the activity in which each person was engaged during the survey week.

  • Labour force
    Employed persons and unemployed persons among population 15 years old and over
  • Employed persons
    1) All persons who worked for pay or profit, or worked as unpaid family workers for at least one hour during the survey week
    2) In addition, among the persons who were not at work during the survey week, the following are classified as employed persons.
    --Employees who did not work during the survey week but who received or expected to receive wages or salary
    --Self-employed workers who did not work during the survey week and whose absence from work has not exceeded 30 days
  • Unemployed persons
    Persons who did not work at all during the survey week, but were available for work and were actively seeking a job, or were waiting for the results of the past job-seeking activity
  • Not in labour force
    Population 15 years old and over who are not classified as employed or unemployed

b) Form of employment

Employees, excluding executives of corporations are classified into 5 categories of "Regular staff", "Part-timers", "Arbeit", "Dispatched workers from temporary labour agencies", "Entrusted, etc." according to what they are called at their places of work

c) Received vocational education, etc.

Refers to the vocational education, etc. for the purpose of taking up a job (receiving the lecture, or preparing to acquire qualifications), excluding official education

d) Changing jobs

  • Persons who changed jobs
    Employed persons who changed jobs for the past year (between March 2000 and February 2001)
  • Persons who began work
    Employed persons who began work for the past year (between March 2000 and February 2001)

e) Unemployment status

  • Unemployed persons who left the previous job
    Unemployed persons who had a job previously were seeking a job for the reason of "leaving the previous job"

f) Whether wishing to change the job, etc.

  • Wishing to change the job
    Persons who wish to give up the present job in order to work in other jobs
  • Wishing to have additional jobs
    Persons who wish to have additional jobs while continuing the present job
  • Desire to work
    Persons not in labour force who desire to work for pay or profit


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