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Labour Force Survey

  • "2017 revision of benchmark population"
    Using the latest results of the Population Census as the base, the benchmark population for calculating the results of the Labour Force Survey is revised every five years.
    The revision to 2015 Census-based population estimates was held in January 2017 for Basic Tabulation, and in Jan.-Mar. 2017 for Detailed Tabulation.
    (on March 3 and revised on May 9, 2017)
  • Revision of seasonal adjustment in 2017
    RegARIMA models have been updated when revising seasonally adjusted data retroactively on the release of January 2017 results.
    (on January 31, 2017)
  • Release Schedule updated
    Release schedule for fiscal 2017 has been published.
    (on January 31, 2017)
Previously released information

1. The Survey Results

Results (Basic Tabulation)

Results (Detailed Tabulation)

Annual Report on the Labour Force Survey

Historical data

2. Release Schedule of the Survey Results

Basic Tabulation / Detailed Tabulation

3. About the Labour Force Survey

      The Labour Force Survey is a survey of households usually residing in Japan.
      Its purpose is to elucidate the current state of employment and unemployment in Japan every month.

      There are two categories of results in this survey.

  • Basic Tabulation (Released monthly)
    • Items obtained from the Basic questionnaire:
      Labour force, Employed person / Employee (by industry, occupation, type of employment (Regular/ Non-regular employee etc.), etc.), Weekly hours of work, Unemployed person (by reason for seeking a job etc.), Unemployment rate, Not in labour force etc.
  • Detailed Tabulation (Released quarterly)
    • Items mainly obtained from the Special questionnaire:
      The reason for taking a non-regular employment, Person who changed job, Duration of unemployment, Person wishing to work (Not in labour force) etc.


Questionnaire and Instruction (Translation of the Labour Force Survey)

Statistical tables & database

4. Other Information

      e-Stat is "Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan" (external site) where you can browse statistics tables and database.

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