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Japan Statistical Yearbook

Japan Statistical Yearbook 2015 Cover


The Japan Statistical Yearbook is the comprehensive and systematic summary of basic statistical information of Japan covering wide-ranging fields such as Land, Population, Economy, Society, Culture, and so on.

The yearbook covers all fields of statistics published by government and private organizations.

This volume contains 27 fields, 741 tables and 42 figures, including explanation of data sources and survey method of each statistics.


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Key Statistics
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  1. Chapter 1 Land and Climate
  2. Chapter 2 Population and Households
  3. Chapter 3 National Accounts
  4. Chapter 4 Currency and Flow of Funds
  5. Chapter 5 Public Finance
  6. Chapter 6 Business Activities
  7. Chapter 7 Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  8. Chapter 8 Mining and Manufacturing
  9. Chapter 9 Construction
  10. Chapter 10 Energy and Water
  11. Chapter 11 Information and Communication / Science and Technology
  12. Chapter 12 Transport and Tourism
  13. Chapter 13 Domestic Trade and Services
  14. Chapter 14 Finance and Insurance
  15. Chapter 15 Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments and International Cooperation
  16. Chapter 16 Labour and Wages
  17. Chapter 17 Prices
  18. Chapter 18 Housing and Estate
  19. Chapter 19 Family Income and Expenditure
  20. Chapter 20 Social Security
  21. Chapter 21 Health and Sanitation
  22. Chapter 22 Education
  23. Chapter 23 Culture
  24. Chapter 24 Government Employees and Elections
  25. Chapter 25 Justice and Police
  26. Chapter 26 Environment, Disasters and Accidents
  27. Chapter 27 Comparative International Statistics


The data of Japan Statistical Yearbook below have been corrected already.

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