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Chapter 26 Environment, Disasters and Accidents



26- 1  Emission of Greenhouse Gases by Kind(Excel:22KB)

26- 2  Breakdown of Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Sector(Excel:24KB)

26- 3  Discharge of Industrial Waste by Prefecture(Excel:29KB)

26- 4  Disposal of Industrial Waste(Excel:22KB)

26- 5  Disposal of General Waste Matters (Human Excrement and Garbage), by Prefecture

26- 6  Record of Sorted Collection and Re-Merchandizing Based on the Act for Promotion of Sorted Collection and Re-Merchandizing of Containers and Packing(Excel:31KB)

26- 7  Number of Grievances against Environmental Pollution by Prefecture(Excel:28KB)

26- 8  Achievement Rate of Environmental Standard on Air Pollution and Annual Average Density (5 Substances)(Excel:27KB)

26- 9  Achievement Rate of Environmental Standard for Water in the Public Water Zones(Excel:23KB)

26-10  Coverage of Sewerage(Excel:23KB)

26-11  Number of Extinct or Endangered Wildlife Species (the Red List)(Excel:29KB)


26-12  Natural Disasters(Excel:28KB)

26-13  Natural Disasters by Prefecture(Excel:32KB)

26-14  Damage to Paddy Fields and Paddy Harvest by Prefecture(Excel:29KB)

26-15  Equipment and Personnel of Firefighting Services and Call Frequency(Excel:29KB)

26-16  Cases and Damage of Fires by Prefecture(Excel:30KB)

26-17  Fires by Cause(Excel:24KB)

26-18  Fires by Type of Building(Excel:25KB)

26-19  Number of Killed or Wounded Persons in Industrial Accidents

26-20  Frequency Rates and Severity Rates of Industrial Injuries by Industry (Establishments with 100 or More Regular Employees)(Excel:38KB)

26-21  Mine Accidents(Excel:25KB)

26-22  Mine Accidents by Cause(Excel:24KB)


26-23  Road Traffic Accidents(Excel:24KB)

26-24  Persons Killed and Injured in Road Traffic Accidents by Age Group(Excel:23KB)

26-25  Road Traffic Accidents by Prefecture(Excel:28KB)

26-26  Road Traffic Accidents by Type, Person Implicated and Kind of Offence(Excel:27KB)

26-27  Railway Accidents    

26-28  Marine Accidents(Excel:26KB)

26-29  Electric Accidents(Excel:22KB)

26-30  Gas Accidents(Excel:21KB)


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