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Chapter 23 Culture


Culture-Related Occupations

23- 1  Persons Engaged in Culture-Related Occupations(Excel:30KB)

Cultural Facilities and Cultural Properties

23- 2  Museums(Excel:24KB)

23- 3  National Diet Library(Excel:29KB)

23- 4  Public Libraries(Excel:30KB)

23- 5  University Libraries(Excel:29KB)

23- 6  Cultural Properties and Monuments Designated by the National Government(Excel:27KB)

23- 7  Cultural Properties and Monuments Designated by Prefecture, City (Ku), Town and Village(Excel:23KB)

23- 8  Cultural Properties and Monuments by Prefecture

Publication and Mass Communication

23- 9  Number of Book Titles Published(Excel:21KB)

23-10  Number of Magazine Titles Published(Excel:23KB)

23-11  Newspaper Circulation by Prefecture(Excel:26KB)

23-12  Radio and Television Broadcasting Stations and Television Subscribers(Excel:23KB)

23-13  Hours of Broadcasting and Share by Programme(Excel:32KB)

Sports, Recreation and Parks

23-14  Business Trend of Leisure-Related Industry(Excel:33KB)

23-15  Sports Facilities by Prefecture(Excel:40KB)

23-16  Motion Picture(Excel:23KB)

23-17  Travel Services Provided by the Major Travel Agencies(Excel:22KB)

23-18  Advertising Expenditures by Medium(Excel:23KB)

23-19  Yearly Expenditure for Recreational Goods and Services per Household(Excel:24KB)

23-20  Parks(Excel:23KB)

23-21  Natural Parks and City Parks by Prefecture(Excel:30KB)


23-22  Religion

Time Allocation in Daily Life and Kind of Activities

23-23  Average Time Spent per Day on Activities by Age Group and Usual Economic Activity (Weekly Average)(Excel:37KB)

23-24  Ratio of Doers by Kind of Activity and Average Time Spent by Doers (Separately for Week day, Saturday and Sunday)(Excel:36KB)

23-25  Participation Rate in Major Leisure Activities and Average Time Spent by the Participants by Age Group and Day of the Week(Excel:32KB)

23-26  Participation Rate in the Leisure Activities by Type(Excel:38KB)

23-27  Participation Rate in Study and Research Activities, and in Sports by Age Group(Excel:31KB)

23-28  Participation Rate in Travel and Excursion by Age Group(Excel:30KB)


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