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Chapter 21 Health and Sanitation



21- 1  Intake of Nutrition(Excel:33KB)

21- 2  Physique of Youths by Age(Excel:34KB)

21- 3  Physical Strength and Athletic Ability by Age(Excel:27KB)

21- 4  Physique and Physical Strength of Elderly Persons(Excel:20KB)


21- 5  Meal Service Facilities, Nutritionists and Cooks(Excel:22KB)

21- 6  Environment Health Industry Facilities and Barbers, Beauty Culturists, Laundrymen(Excel:26KB)

21- 7  Community Health Activities by Prefecture(Excel:31KB)

21- 8  Number of Incidents and Patients from Food Poisoning by Causative Food and Preparing Facility(Excel:28KB)


21- 9  Ratio of Pupils or Students Affected by Leading Diseases or Physical Anomaly(Excel:25KB)

21-10  Health Conditions of Household Members 6 Years Old and Over by Age Group(Excel:24KB)

21-11  Medical Treatment Recipients Ratio by Age Group (per 100,000 Population)(Excel:22KB)

21-12  Outpatients by Occupation, Injury and Disease (15 Years Old and Over)(Excel:35KB)

21-13  Ratio of Patients by Classification of Diseases, Type of Medical Care Institution According to Inpatient / Outpatient (per 100,000 Population)(Excel:37KB)

21-14  Estimated Inpatients and Outpatients by Classification of Diseases and Age Group(Excel:49KB)

21-15  Deaths and Death Rates by Leading Causes of Death(Excel:32KB)

21-16  Deaths by Leading Causes of Death and Age Group(Excel:36KB)

21-17  Deaths by Leading Causes of Death and Prefecture(Excel:36KB)

Medical Care Institutions

21-18  Medical Care Institutions and Beds by Founder(Excel:30KB)

21-19  Pharmaceutical Business Facilities(Excel:21KB)

21-20  Medical Care Institutions and Pharmacies by Prefecture(Excel:30KB)

21-21  Medical Care Personnel by Prefecture(Excel:30KB)

21-22  Physicians Engaged in Medical Practice(Excel:28KB)

21-23  Persons Engaged in Medical Care Institutions(Excel:26KB)


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