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Chapter 20 Social Security

[NEW] : Indicates new tables introduced in JAPAN STATISTICAL YEARBOOK 2011.


Social Security Benefits

20- 1  Social Security Benefits and Ratio to National Income by Category(Excel:25KB)

20- 2  Social Security Benefits by Institutional Scheme(Excel:27KB)

20- 3  Social Security Benefits by Institutional Category(Excel:31KB)

20- 4  Social Security Benefits for the Elderly, Child and Family(Excel:27KB)

20- 5  Social Security Revenue(Excel:22KB)

20- 6  Social Security Accounting(Excel:43KB)

Social Insurance

20- 7  National Medical Care Expenditures by Defrayer(Excel:30KB)

20- 8  Persons Covered by Social Insurance(Excel:31KB)

20- 9  Medical Care Expenses per Person Covered by Social Insurance(Excel:25KB)

20-10  Pensioners of Public Pensions and Pensions per Person

20-11  Health Insurance Managed by Government

20-12  Health Insurance Managed by Association(Excel:23KB)

20-13  National Health Insurance(Excel:23KB)

20-14  National Health Insurance by Insurer(Excel:29KB)

20-15  Employees' Pension Insurance(Excel:26KB)

20-16  National Pension(Excel:25KB)

20-17  Farmers' Pension(Excel:24KB)

20-18  Seamen's Insurance(Excel:27KB)

20-19  Mutual Aid Associations of National Government Employees, etc. and Local Government Employees, etc.(Excel:39KB)

20-20  Mutual Aid Corporation of Private School Personnel(Excel:33KB)

20-21  Nursing-Care Insurance for the Elderly(Excel:32KB)

20-22  Employment Insurance(Excel:27KB)

20-23  Onkyu Pension(Excel:26KB)

20-24  Benefits under the Act on Relief of War Victims and Survivors(Excel:21KB)

20-25  Workmen's Accident Compensation Insurance(Excel:29KB)

20-26  Compensation for Accidents in Official Duties(Excel:28KB)

Social Welfare

20-27  Major Social Welfare Institutions(Excel:47KB)

20-28  Households by Family Type and Medical Insurance Status(Excel:32KB)

20-29  Nursing-Care Insurance Institutions by Prefecture(Excel:27KB)

20-30  Number of Establishments for Home-Based and Community-Based Nursing Care(Excel:26KB)

20-31  Health Care for the Elderly(Excel:31KB)

20-32  Medical Care Expenditure for the Old under Each System(Excel:23KB)

20-33  Medical Care Expenditure for the Aged and National Medical Care Expenditure(Excel:22KB)

20-34  Diagnosis and Treatment Expenditure for the Aged(Excel:21KB)

20-35  Welfare Services for Children(Excel:43KB)

20-36  Number of Day Nurseries, Capacity and Infants Enroled(Excel:21KB)

20-37  Recipients of Child Allowance, Number of Eligible Children and Amount of Payments(Excel:25KB)

20-38  Welfare for the Physically Disabled(Excel:25KB)

20-39  Consultations at Consultation Offices for Rehabilitation of the Disabled(Excel:25KB)


20-40  Cases of Counselling for the Disabled at Cities, Towns and Villages(Excel:23KB)

20-41  Households and Persons Receiving Public Livelihood Assistance and Total Amount of Assistance(Excel:28KB)

20-42  Households and Persons Receiving Public Livelihood Assistance by Prefecture(Excel:25KB)

20-43  Households for Which Public Livelihood Assistance Started or Suspended(Excel:24KB)

20-44  Social Welfare Administrative Agencies and Welfare Commissioners(Excel:25KB)


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