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Chapter 8 Mining and Manufacturing



8- 1  Number of Mining Establishments and Employees, as well as Value of Output, Input and Value Added, etc., by Type of Mining(Excel:28KB)

8- 2  Mining Production, Shipment and Inventory(Excel:26KB)

8- 3  Ore Deposits and Coal Deposits(Excel:26KB)


8- 4  Establishments, Persons Engaged, Cash Earnings, Value of Raw Materials Used, etc., Value of Manufactured Goods Shipments, etc. and Value Added in Manufacturing by Size of Persons Engaged and Medium Industry Group(Excel:54KB)

8- 5  Establishments, Persons Engaged and Value of Manufactured Goods Shipments, etc. in Manufacturing by Medium Industry Group and Prefecture (Excel:55KB)

8- 6  Production and Inventory of Iron and Steel Products(Excel:26KB)

8- 7  Supply and Demand of Iron and Steel Products and Materials

8- 8  Production and Inventory of Non-Ferrous Metal Products(Excel:28KB)

8- 9  Supply and Demand of Non-Ferrous Metal Products(Excel:32KB)

8-10  Orders Received for Machinery(Excel:24KB)

8-11  Production of General Industrial Machinery (Excel:47KB)

8-12  Production of Electrical Machinery and Equipment(Excel:48KB)

8-13  Production of Transport Machinery(Excel:35KB)

8-14  Production of Precision Apparatus, Weapons, Forgings and Cast Iron(Excel:35KB)

8-15  Production and Sales Value of Cement and Ceramic Products(Excel:31KB)

8-16  Production and Sales Value of Chemical Products(Excel:32KB)

8-17  Production of Drugs and Medicines(Excel:23KB)

8-18  Production and Sales Value of Rubber Products, Plastic Products and Leather Products(Excel:32KB)

8-19  Supply and Demand of Leather(Excel:23KB)

8-20  Production of Pulp and Paper(Excel:24KB)

8-21  Production and Sales of Textile Products(Excel:36KB)

8-22  Trade of Textile Goods(Excel:27KB)

8-23  Production and Sales Value of Construction Materials(Excel:30KB)

8-24  Production of Daily Necessaries(Excel:26KB)

8-25  Supply and Demand of Salt(Excel:21KB)

8-26  Supply and Demand of Tobacco(Excel:21KB)

8-27  Production of Food and Beverages(Excel:28KB)

Indices of Industrial Production

8-28  Indices of Industrial Production (Value Added Weights)(Excel:27KB)

8-29  Indices of Producers' Shipments in Mining and Manufacturing(Excel:27KB)

8-30  Indices of Producers' Inventory of Finished Goods in Mining and Manufacturing(Excel:28KB)

8-31  Indices of Industrial Production and Indices of Producers' Shipments by Use of Goods(Excel:26KB)

8-32  Indices of Producers' Inventory of Finished Goods and Indices of Ratio of Producers' Inventory to Finished Goods in Mining and Manufacturing by Use of Goods(Excel:27KB)

8-33  Indices of Operating Rate and Indices of Production Capacity(Excel:28KB)


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