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Chapter 7 Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries



7- 1  Farm Households by Degree of Engagement and Size of Operating Cultivated Land(Excel:29KB)

7- 2  Agricultural Establishments Except Farm Households by Management Type(Excel:23KB)

7- 3  Farm Households by Degree of Engagement and Farm Household Population, by Prefecture (Commercial Farm Households)(Excel:34KB)

7- 4  Farm Household Population by Labour Force Status(Excel:28KB)

7- 5  Persons Engaged in Farming by Age Group(Excel:27KB)

7- 6  Farm Households by Type of Farming and Prefecture (Commercial Farm Households)(Excel:30KB)

7- 7  Area of Cultivated Land, and Expansion and Dilapidation of Cultivated Land(Excel:35KB)

7- 8  Area of Cultivated Land by Type(Excel:28KB)

7- 9  Area of Cultivated Land, and Expansion and Dilapidation of Cultivated Land by Prefecture(Excel:34KB)

7-10  Farm Households with Rented or Leased Cultivated Land and Area of Those Land (Commercial Farm Households)(Excel:27KB)

7-11  Case and Area of Transfers of Rights on Agricultural Land(Excel:25KB)

7-12  Cases and Area of Usage Conversions of Agricultural Land(Excel:25KB)

7-13  Farm Rent, Price of Agricultural Land and Sales Prices of Paddy Fields or Fields Converted to Other Uses by Prefecture(Excel:40KB)

7-14  Planted Area and Production of Rice by Prefecture(Excel:32KB)

7-15  Planted Area and Agricultural Production(Excel:46KB)

7-16  Planted Area and Production of Flower(Excel:27KB)

7-17  Raiser Households of Livestock or Chickens, and Livestock or Chickens Raised(Excel:25KB)

7-18  Production of Raw Milk, Hen Eggs, Chickens and Carcass(Excel:23KB)

7-19  Raiser Households of Livestock or Chickens, Livestock or Chickens Raised, Production of Raw Milk and Hen Eggs by Prefecture(Excel:36KB)

7-20  Production Cost of Farm and Livestock Products(Excel:38KB)

7-21  Selling Prices of Agricultural Products(Excel:35KB)

7-22  Purchase Prices of Production Materials and Goods for Farming(Excel:35KB)

7-23  Receipts and Disbursements of Farm Households(Excel:45KB)

7-24  Gross Agricultural Output and Agricultural Income Produced(Excel:25KB)

7-25  Agricultural Cooperatives by Prefecture(Excel:29KB)


7-26  Forestry Establishments and Forest (Sanrin) Area by Size of Area of Forests (Sanrin) Operated(Excel:26KB)

7-27  Persons Engaged in Forestry and Full-Time Forestry Workers by Agricultural District(Excel:25KB)

7-28  Forestry Households and Management Entities and Current Forest Areas, by Prefecture and Type of Ownership(Excel:34KB)

7-29  Forest Resources by Type of Ownership and Type of Forest(Excel:23KB)

7-30  Area of Protection Forest(Excel:21KB)

7-31  Forest Roads and Lumberyards(Excel:22KB)

7-32  Artificially Afforested Area by Kind of Tree and Prefecture(Excel:33KB)

7-33  Average Prices of Ordinary Forest Land by District (per 10 Ares) (Excel:24KB)

7-34  Production of Logs and Minor Forest Products(Excel:28KB)

7-35  Supply and Demand of Lumber(Excel:24KB)

7-36  Forestry Cooperatives(Excel:22KB)

7-37  Forestry Household Economy(Excel:28KB)


7-38  Marine Fishery Establishments by Type and Class of Organization(Excel:26KB)

7-39  Households and Household Members Engaged in Marine Fisheries(Excel:23KB)

7-40  Persons Engaged in Marine Fisheries(Excel:22KB)

7-41  Marine Fishery Establishments and Designated Fishing Ports by Type and Class of Organization, Sea Region and Prefecture(Excel:39KB)

7-42  Households, Household Members and Workers Engaged in Marine Fisheries by Sea Region(Excel:23KB)

7-43  Establishments Engaged in Inland Water Culture by Type of Organization and Type of Culture(Excel:23KB)

7-44  Registered Fishing Boats(Excel:23KB)

7-45  Fishing Boats Owned(Excel:23KB)

7-46  Catches by Sector of Fisheries(Excel:26KB)

7-47  Quantity of Catches by Sector of Fisheries and Prefecture(Excel:26KB)

7-48  Catches by Principal Type of Marine Fisheries(Excel:30KB)

7-49  Quantity of Catches of Marine Fisheries by Species(Excel:37KB)

7-50  Principal Marine Fisheries(Excel:35KB)

7-51  Principal Marine Culture(Excel:23KB)

7-52  Whaling(Excel:24KB)

7-53  Quantity of Catches of Inland Water Fisheries(Excel:23KB)

7-54  Principal Inland Water Culture(Excel:24KB)

7-55  Quantity and Price of Market Transaction of Principal Fishery Products(Excel:30KB)

7-56  Use Distribution of Marine Products(Excel:20KB)

7-57  Number of Fishery Cooperatives(Excel:29KB)

7-58  Production of Processed Fishery Products(Excel:30KB)

Indices of Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Production, and Supply and Demand of Food

7-59  Indices of Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Production(Excel:31KB)

7-60  Supply and Demand of Food(Excel:45KB)

7-61  Self-Sufficiency Ratio of Comprehensive Food(Excel:21KB)


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