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Note for Users

  1. The major statistical tables revised in the present editionare as shown in "Major Changes in Statistical Tables".
  2. The present edition contains statistics which became available by 30 June 2017.
  3. At the beginning of each chapter, general description is presented on contents of the chapter, purpose and objects of surveys, and definition of terms.
  4. General remarks on each table and on items are stated in the headnote, and specific notes on selected items or cells are shown in footnotes with reference codes.
  5. Unless otherwise indicated, "year" refers to the calendar year, and "fiscal year" refers to the 12 months beginning 1 April of the year stated.
  6. Metric units are used in all tables and figures in which the data are measured in weight, volume, length or area.
  7. Detail figures in the tables may not add up to the totals because of rounding.
  8. Figures for Japan in Chapter 30 "Comparative International Statistics" may differ from figures in other chapters of the Yearbook due to difference in sources. No adjustment is made between them.
  9. The following symbols are used in the tables:
    0 0.0 Below unit
    - Null or not applicable
    ... Figures not available
    x Figures kept undisclosed
    # Designates "of which", related to major headings shown to the left
    P Provisional or estimate figures
    * Where several items are summed, figures are presented only in the first column with "*" and the mark is also used in the other columns.
    The figure 123 in the column A represents the total of columns A, B and C.
  10. The source of statistics of each table is shown in the footnote.
  11. Statistics for China do not cover Hong Kong (returned to China in July 1997), Macau (returned to China December 1999) and Taiwan. Hong Kong and Taiwan are shown as China (Hong Kong) and China (Taiwan) respectively.
  12. In the Index, items are associated with the table number.
  13. When any contents of this Yearbook are to be quoted or copied in other publication, it is requested to refer to the title of this Yearbook as follows.
    Source: Japan Statistical Yearbook 2018, Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs
    and Communications, Japan.

Major Changes in Statistical Tables

Tables newly added

  • 27-6 Local Assemblypersons and Local Heads by Party
  • 27-7 Assemblypersons by Prefecture

Revised tables

  • 1-5 Major Rivers
  • 2-5 Population by Age
  • 2-7 Population of Three Age Groups by Prefecture
  • 3-3 Integrated Accounts (Flow)
    • C Capital and Financial Accounts
  • 3-4 Gross Domestic Product Classified by Economic Activities (At Current Prices)
  • 3-5 Gross Domestic Product and Factor Income Classified by Economic Activities (At Current Prices)
  • 3-7 Integrated Accounts (Stock)
    • C Reconciliation Accounts
  • 3-8 Closing Stocks of National Assets and Liabilities
  • 13-4 Freight Carried by Motor Vehicle divided by Commodity
  • 21-17 Corporations' Ownership of Land by Industry and Type of Organisation
  • 22-16 Index of Consumption Expenditure Level (Two-or-More-Person Households)
  • 25-2 Kindergartens by Prefecture
  • 25-3 Day Nurseries and Small-Scale Childcare Facilities by Prefecture

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