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Chapter 22 Education



22- 1  Growth of Enroled Students or Pupils(PDF:32KB)

22- 2  Number of Students from Overseas(PDF:32KB)


All tables of chapter 22 (22-1--22-38)(PDF:571KB)

 Excel format for each table.

School Education

22- 1  Schools by Founder(Excel:35KB)

22- 2  Kindergartens and Day Nurseries by Prefecture(Excel:41KB)

22- 3  Elementary Schools by Prefecture(Excel:45KB)

22- 4  Lower Secondary Schools by Prefecture(Excel:48KB)

22- 5  Upper Secondary Schools by Prefecture(Excel:41KB)

22- 6  Students of Upper Secondary Schools by Course (Regular Course)(Excel:36KB)

22- 7  Correspondence Education of Upper Secondary Schools(Excel:30KB)

22- 8  Schools for Special Needs Education(Excel:29KB)

22- 9  Enrolment of Compulsory Education(Excel:29KB)

22-10  Technical Colleges(Excel:33KB)

22-11  Students of Technical Colleges by Course(Excel:31KB)

22-12  Junior Colleges(Excel:34KB)

22-13  Universities and Graduate Schools(Excel:37KB)

22-14  Correspondence Education of Junior Colleges, Universities and Graduate School(Excel:30KB)

22-15  Students of Junior Colleges by Course (Regular Course)(Excel:32KB)

22-16  Faculty Students of Universities by Course(Excel:37KB)

22-17  Applicants for Admission to Universities and New Students Enroled by Faculty and Year of Graduation from Upper Secondary School(Excel:36KB)

22-18  Graduate School Students by Course(Excel:31KB)

22-19  Specialized Training Colleges and Miscellaneous Schools(Excel:28KB)

22-20  Students of Specialized Training Colleges and Miscellaneous Schools by Course(Excel:37KB)

22-21  Post-School Status of Graduates(Excel:38KB)

22-22  Ratio of Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary School Graduates Who Advanced to Schools of Higher Grade and Who Found Employment by Prefecture(Excel:35KB)

22-23  School Facilities by Founder(Excel:40KB)

22-24  Expenditure of National Schools and Public Universities(Excel:30KB)

22-25  Revenue and Expenditure of Private Schools(Excel:31KB)

22-26  Local Educational Expenditure(Excel:34KB)

22-27  Local Educational Expenditure by Prefecture(Excel:33KB)

22-28  Educational Expenditure per Student(Excel:34KB)

22-29  Textbooks in Demand(Excel:28KB)

22-30  Textbooks in Demand by Subject(Excel:34KB)

22-31  Foreign Students Enroled in Universities in Japan(Excel:36KB)

22-32  Education for Japanese Children Abroad and Children Returned from Abroad(Excel:29KB)

Social Education

22-33  Personnel for Social Education(Excel:30KB)

22-34  Social Education Classes and Courses Operated by Board of Education(Excel:31KB)

22-35  Local Institutes for Social Education(Excel:28KB)

22-36  Citizen's Public Halls(Excel:33KB)

22-37  Women's Educational Centres(Excel:30KB)

22-38  Children and Youths Educational Facilities(Excel:29KB)


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