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Chapter 14 Finance and Insurance



14- 1  Interest Rates(PDF:30KB)


All tables of chapter 14 (14-1--14-34)(PDF:525KB)

 Excel format for each table.


14- 1  Bank of Japan Accounts(Excel:40KB)

14- 2  Assets and Liabilities of Domestically Licensed Banks

14- 3  Loans and Discounts Outstanding of Banking Accounts of Domestically Licensed Banks by Interest Rate(Excel:30KB)

14- 4  Deposits Outstanding of Domestically Licensed Banks by Depositor (End of Period Basis)(Excel:32KB)

14- 5  Principal Assets and Liabilities of Financial Institutions for Small-Businesses

14- 6  Principal Assets and Liabilities of Financial Institutions for Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery

14- 7  Principal Assets and Liabilities of Domestic Securities Companies(Excel:29KB)

14- 8  Principal Assets and Liabilities of Foreign Banks in Japan(Excel:27KB)

14- 9  Fiscal Loan Fund(Excel:34KB)

14-10  Savings and Loans of Japan Post Bank(Excel:30KB)

14-11  Management of Japan Post Insurance(Excel:31KB)

14-12  Number of Principal Financial Institutions' Offices(Excel:27KB)

14-13  Loans and Discounts Outstanding by Sector (Major Industries, etc.)(Excel:33KB)

14-14  New Loans for Equipment Funds by Sector (Major Industries, etc.)(Excel:33KB)

14-15  Interest Rates on Savings and Deposits(Excel:39KB)

14-16  Loans to Individuals(Excel:30KB)

14-17  Lending Interest Rates(Excel:33KB)

14-18  Short-Term Money Market Interest Rates(Excel:48KB)

14-19  Average Contracted Interest Rates on Loans and Discounts of Domestically Licensed Banks and Sinkin Banks(Excel:34KB)

14-20  Clearance of Bills(Excel:32KB)

14-21  Clearance of Bills by Prefecture(Excel:34KB)

14-22  Average Outstanding in the Call Money Market by Lender and Borrower(Excel:31KB)

14-23  Certificates of Deposit Outstanding(Excel:32KB)

Bonds and Stocks

14-24  Balance of Bond Transactions with Repurchase Agreements by Investor(Excel:30KB)

14-25  Issue, Redemption and Outstanding Amount of Government Bonds(Excel:30KB)

14-26  Issue, Redemption and Outstanding Amount of Public and Corporate Bonds (Domestically Issued)(Excel:29KB)

14-27  Securities Investment Trusts

14-28  Securities Exchange (Tokyo Stock Exchange)


14-29  Non-Life Insurance Business

14-30  Life Insurance Business(Excel:31KB)

14-31  Policies in Force and Management of Assets of Life and Non-Life Insurance Companies(Excel:31KB)

14-32  Agricultural Insurance

14-33  Government-Managed Forest Insurance(Excel:29KB)

14-34  Fishing Boat Insurance(Excel:29KB)


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