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Chapter 12 Transport and Tourism



12- 1  Composition of Truck Freight Transport by Item(PDF:42KB)

12- 2  Composition of Railways Freight Transport by Item(PDF:42KB)


All tables of chapter 12 (12-1--12-22)(PDF:386KB)

 Excel format for each table.


12- 1  Roads(Excel:38KB)

12- 2  Roads by Prefecture(Excel:35KB)

12- 3  Trend of Transport Volume(Excel:38KB)

12- 4  Traffic Volume of Motor Vehicles(Excel:32KB)

12- 5  Freight Carried of Major Products by Motor Vehicle by Commodity(Excel:30KB)

12- 6  Motor Vehicle Transport by Prefecture(Excel:35KB)

12- 7  Motor Vehicles Owned by Kind(Excel:30KB)

12- 8  Motor Vehicles Owned by Kind and Prefecture(Excel:35KB)

12- 9  Railway Transport

12-10  Passenger Transport by Railways

12-11  Freight Transport of Major Products by Railways(Excel:30KB)

12-12  Passengers Carried within Traffic Range of 3 Largest Cities by Type of Transportation(Excel:34KB)

12-13  Passengers Carried by Coastwise Shipping(Excel:30KB)

12-14  Passengers Carried by Ocean-Going Vessels(Excel:28KB)

12-15  Vessels by Type of Ship(Excel:30KB)

12-16  Cargo Transport by Coastwise Shipping(Excel:33KB)

12-17  Cargo Transport by Ocean-Going Vessels(Excel:29KB)

12-18  Cargo Transport by Ocean-Going Vessels by Commodity(Excel:28KB)

12-19  Air Transport(Excel:34KB)


12-20  Visitor Arrivals by Nationality(Excel:35KB)

12-21  Visitor Arrivals by Nationality and Purpose of Visit(Excel:36KB)

Storage Warehousing

12-22  Warehousing for Business Use


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