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Chapter 3 National Accounts



3- 1  Conception Diagram of the System of National Accounts (1993 SNA)(PDF:111KB)

3- 2  Flow of Income and Outlay Accounts and its Relationship with Balancing Items(PDF:115KB)

3- 3  Subdivision of Reconciliation Accounts (Stock)(PDF:111KB)

3- 4  Comparison of 1968 SNA and 1993 SNA in Relation to the Components of GDP(PDF:115KB)

3- 5  Dual Concept of Consumption(PDF:114KB)

3- 6  Rate of Increase in Gross Domestic Product, and Growth of Gross Domestic Product and National Income per Capita(PDF:136KB)

3- 7  Composition of Final Consumption Expenditure of Households by Purpose (at Current Prices)(PDF:136KB) 


All tables of chapter 3 (3-1--3-15)(PDF:486KB)

 Excel format for each table.

3- 1  Gross Domestic Product (Expenditure Approach)

3- 2  Private Final Consumption Expenditure(Excel:30KB)

3- 3  Integrated Accounts (Flow)

3- 4  Income and Outlay Accounts Classified by Institutional Sector(Excel:37KB)

3- 5  Income and Outlay Accounts of the General Government(Excel:38KB)

3- 6  Income and Outlay Accounts of Households (Including Private Unincorporated Enterprises)(Excel:38KB)

3- 7  Capital Finance Accounts Classified by Institutional Sector(Excel:31KB)

3- 8  Gross Domestic Product Classified by Economic Activities (at Current Prices)(Excel:28KB)

3- 9  Gross Domestic Product and Factor Income Classified by Economic Activities (at Current Prices)(Excel:32KB)

3-10  Distribution of National Income and National Disposable Income(Excel:35KB)

3-11  Integrated Accounts (Stock)

3-12  Closing Stocks of Assets and Liabilities by Institutional Sector(Excel:35KB)

3-13  Gross Capital Stock of Private Enterprises by Industry(Excel:33KB)

3-14  Prefectural Accounts

3-15  Input-Output Tables


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