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Results of Monthly Survey on Service Industries (until December 2012)

Explanation of Terms

1 Establishments

An establishment is defined as a single physical location where an economic activity is conducted and as a general rule, the following prerequisites are satisfied:

  1. An economic activity is carried out, under a single entity of management, at a certain fixed place, occupying  a demarcated area.
  2. The production or supply of goods and services is done on a continuing basis with the help of people and equipment.

2 Sales(Income)

This is sales(income) for supply of services and sales of article(including indirect tax, consumption tax, etc) in the establishment that primary industry is service industry.

The sales(income) is including cost such as purchase amount and salary and total income from all operations of the establishment.

Ex)Commission, Sales fee, Rent

(Following items are not included in Sales(Income))

  • Interest, dividend
  • Income from dividend, the sales of land or buildings
  • Borrowings
  • Expenses for Branch office which is paid from Head office
  • Payment that business proprietor and family members of the individual proprietorships receive from other establishment.

3 Persons working at the location of establishment

Persons working at the location of establishment

They refer to persons engaged, including dispatched or subcontracted employees from other organizations and excluding dispatched or subcontracted employees to separately operated establishments.

(Dispatched or subcontracted employees from separately operated establishments)

They refer to those who are dispatched to work at the establishment concerned or come to the establishment concerned from separately operated establishments for subcontracted work.

Estimate method

The figures are estimated by multipling the reciprocal of the sampling fraction according to the 2006 Establishment and Enterprise Census.

Notes on the Statistical Tables

  • This survey is a sampling survey, so that the sampling error is included in the figures of the number of establishments, sales, and persons working at the location of establishment.
  • The sums of its components does not necessarily add up to the total, since the figures are rounded to the unit.
  • "-"denotes that there are no applicable figures.
  • The method of calculating "Change over the year" is as follows.

    The method of calculating Change over the year

  • The figures at the year and month to which "p" is fixed are preliminary.


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