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Along with the complexity and diversification of society and the economic structure, demands for the detailed regional statistical data have been increasing.

To answer such demands, the Statistics Bureau provides the Grid Square Statistics. The Statistics Bureau has reorganized the result of the Population Census, the Economic Census and the Establishment and Enterprise Census into small region of approximately 1 square kilometers and 500 square meters, dividing the whole area of Japan by latitude and the longitude.

The Grid Square Statistics are used not only for the numerical value but also with the background area information, to plan various administrative measures including regional development, city planning, transportation planning, countermeasures against pollution and natural calamities, life environment maintenance, etc.

Grid Square Statistics of 2010 Population Census

  1. Outline(PDF:935KB)
  2. Ranking Mesh Map

Grid Square Statistics of 2009 Economic Census for Business Frame

  1. Outline(PDF:461KB)
  2. Ranking Mesh Map

Grid Square Statistics of 2005 Population Census(JGD2000)

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