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Retail Price Survey

The purpose of the Retail Price Survey is to get the nation-wide information on the retail prices of important goods and fees for services in consumer life.
The survey consists of two parts: the "Trend Survey" that aims to clarify the monthly trend of prices, and the "Structural Survey" that aims to clarify, the price structure by region and store type.
The results of the Retail Price Survey are based on data collected from survey respondents who understand the purpose of the survey and respond to inquiries. The results are used as important basic data for formulating economic measures related to consumer life. For example, the consumer price index which is a measure of changes in price levels is calculated based on the data.

Retail Price Survey (Trend Survey)

Retail Price Survey (Structural Survey)

* The former Retail Price Survey has been conducted as the Retail Price Survey (Trend Survey) since January 2013.


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