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Notes on the Statistical Tables

  1. The main purpose of this survey is to clarify the monthly changes of retail prices of goods and services for sample cities. For this purpose, the same specifications are surveyed at the same sample retail stores every month.
    However, occesionally, specifications are different among cities, depending on whether the specifications concerned are commonly found in the market or not.
    Accordingly, please note that retail prices do not necessarily indicate precise regional differences.
  2. The monthly average price of each survey item by city, town or village is calculated as a simple arithmetic mean of prices collected in the area concerned. The annual average price is also calculated as a simple arithmetic mean of monthly average prices. The average of Kindergarten fees and College & university fees in an area where there are more than one school is calculated as a weighted arithmetic mean in accordance with the number of students of schools. The average fees for universities, colleges and junior colleges are calculated for each prefecture, and those for other schools for each city, town or village. The calculation of the average hotel charges are explained at section 11.
  3. Prices in table are simple arithmetic means of prices collected, and rounded to 1 yen and 0.1 yen according to their amounts.
    Prices include consumption tax.
  4. The average monthly figures of fresh food are calculated by a simple arithmetic mean, averaging the prices collected at the beginning, the middle and the end of a month.
  5. Explanations of symbols


Data are not available because the specification was not surveyed in the month concerned.




The specification to be surveyed was not available in the market.


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