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Population Census 

Population of Japan 2005

The Population of Japan 2005 is designed to provide major findings on the structure, change and distribution of the population of Japan observed through the results of the 2005 Population Census. It is a basic reference for those who want to know about the overview of the population of Japan.

This book is divided into twelve chapters. It contains texts, tables and figures of Size and Geographical Distribution of the Population, Population by Sex and Age, Marital Status, Labour Force Status, Commuting Employed and Attending School Population, Household and Housing Status and Household with Aged Person, etc.


Chapter 1 Size and geographical distribution of the population (PDF:63KB)

Chapter 2 Population by sex and age (PDF:105KB)

Chapter 3 Marital status (PDF:39KB)

Chapter 4 Labour force status (PDF:46KB)

Chapter 5 Employment status of employed persons and industrial composition (PDF:79KB)

Chapter 6 Weekly hours of work of employed person (PDF:26KB)

Chapter 7 Occupational composition of employed person (PDF:37KB)

Chapter 8 Commuting employed and attending school population (PDF:25KB)

Chapter 9 Household and housing status (PDF:66KB)

Chapter10 Households with aged persons (PDF:21KB)

Chapter11 Population of foreign residents (PDF:39KB)

Chapter12 Population by prefecture (PDF:2,790KB)

Chapter1-12 (PDF:3,230KB)

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