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Population Census

6 Status of households while household members are commuting employed persons and/or attending school

Households consisting of "commuting employed persons and/or persons attending school only" account for approximately 30% of all households.

- Regarding the status of private households dwelling in houses (45,693,280 households) with household members working or attending school, the number of "households consisting of commuting employed persons and/or persons attending school only " of which all household members are away from home due to work or attending school, is 14,805,986 (32.4% of private households dwelling in houses), while the number of "other households" of which some household member(s) remain at home is 30,887,294 (67.6%). A breakdown of the latter shows 9,030,712 households (19.8%) in which "aged persons - 65 years old and over - only" remain at home, and 1,163,456 households (2.5% l) in which "child(ren) - under 6 years of age - only" remain at home. Compared with the 1995 figures, the former increased by 28.3%, and the latter by 16.6%.

Table 4 Number of Private Households Dwelling in Houses by Status of Households while Household Members are Commuting for Work and/or Attending School - Japan (1995, 2000)

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