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Population Census

5 Occupations of employed foreigners

Half of employed foreigners are "production process workers and laborers."

- A breakdown of employed foreigners 15 years of age and over residing continually in Japan (684,916) shows the largest number to be "production process and laborers" at 321,643 (47.0% of employed foreigners), followed by "service workers" at 91,680 (13.4%), "professional and technical workers" at 83,917 (12.3%), and "sales workers" at 66,938 (9.8%). Compared with the 1995 figures, the number of employed foreigners increased by 81,357 (13.5%). Broken down by major group of occupation in order of largest increase, "production process workers and laborers" showed the greatest increase at 47,085, followed by "professional and technical workers" (up 12,228) and "service workers" (up 9,948).

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