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Population Census

4 Economic type of household

Substantial increase observed in "households without any workers."

- A breakdown of "private households" (46,782,383 households) by economic type of household shows the greatest number to be "non-agricultural workers' households," in which all employed persons in the household are engaged in non-agricultural activities, at 34,705,688 households (74.2% of private households); followed by "households without workers" in which no employed persons reside at all, at 9,766,881 households (20.9%); "agricultural and non-agricultural workers' mixed households" including employed persons engaged in agriculture and non-agricultural work, at 1,087,655 households (2.3%); and "agricultural workers' households" in which employed persons are all engaged in agriculture, at 822,597 households (1.8%). A comparison with 1995 figures shows that "households without any workers" increased by a substantial 41.5%, while "agricultural and non-agricultural workers' mixed households" and "agricultural workers' households" decreased by 21.1% and 12.1% respectively.

Table 3 Trend of Number of Private Households by Economic Type of Households - Japan (1995, 2000)

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