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Population Census

3 Mother-child(ren)/Father-child(ren) households

A high proportion of mother-child(ren)/father-child(ren) households are the result of divorce.

- The number of mother-child(ren) households is 625,904, accounting for 1.3% of private households, with households with mothers divorced from husbands accounting for 81.1% of mother-child(ren) households. The number of the mother-child(ren) households has risen 18.2% on the 1995 figure.

- The number of father-child(ren) households is 87,373, accounting for 0.2% of private households, with households with fathers divorced from wives account for 72.3% of father-child(ren) households. The number of father-child(ren) households has declined 0.8% on the 1995 figure.

- A breakdown of mother-child(ren) households with mothers that are employed (513,437 households) by the occupational major group of mothers shows that the greatest number are "clerical and related workers" at 134,120 households (26.1% of households with mothers in employment), followed by "production process workers and laborers" at 117,002 households (22.8%), and "service workers" at 97,611 households (19.0%).

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