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Population Census

4 Working Hours

Average weekly working hours: 46.7 hours for males and 36.3 hours for females.

- The average weekly working hours of employed persons was 42.4 hours. Broken down by sex, the figure was 46.7 hours for males, and 36.3 hours for females. A breakdown of these working hours by employment status showed that out of employed persons, regular and temporary workers worked 44.5 hours and 28.6 hours respectively; directors 45.7 hours; self-employed persons (employing others) 49.0 hours; self-employed persons (not employing others) 41.2 hours; family workers 39.4 hours, and persons doing home handicraft 24.8 hours.

- A breakdown of average weekly working hours by Industry (major group) shows that those in "Transport and communications" worked the longest at 46.4 hours, followed by "Construction" at 45.8 hours and "Mining" at 45.4 hours.

Table 5.  Average Weekly Hours of Work, by Employment Status and Sex - Japan (2000) 

Table 6.  Average Weekly Hours of Work, by Industry (Major Groups) and Sex - Japan (2000)

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